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SPECS CATEGORY: Special Recognition PROJECT: Target Center, Minneapolis, Images courtesy of Skia Sarnafil and Bergerson Photography, and The Kestrel Design Group, Inc. Minnesota; 114,000-square-feet (2.5 acres) green roof AWARD RECIPIENTS: The Kestrel Design Group, Inc. (green roof designer), Minneapolis, Minnesota; Sika Sarnafil, Manufacturer – Roofing and Waterproofing Systems, Canton, Massachussetts CLIENT: Minneapolis Community Planning & Economic Development, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota DESIGN TEAM: Architect of Record Leo A. Daly Roofing Consultant INSPEC, Inc. A MODEL OF MUNICIPAL LEADERSHIP FROM URBAN HEAT ISLAND REDUCTION TO STORMWATER MANAGER AND BIODIVERSITY BOOSTER, THIS PROJECT SHOWS HOW VISION AND SEEING THE BIGGER PICTURE CAN CREATE A MORE SUSTAINABLE CITY t is not often that a roof serves butterflies and basketball players, but the new roof at the Target Center in Minneapolis does both. That is because the Target Center’s new green roof not only provides shelter to the National Basketball Association’s Minnesota Timberwolves and their fans, but it also features vegetation (including Lupines) designed to attract the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly. But attracting butterflies was not the main reason the City of Minneapolis went with a green roof when it replaced the existing EDPM roof on the sports arena. The City was experiencing a problem with combined sewer overflow problems, and every drop of water that fell on the old roof flowed to the sidewalk, into the sewer system and then into the Mississippi River. The City projects that the green roof will manage one million gallons of stormwater each year, saving USD $1.2 to $1.8 million annually Besides noting the difficulties of designing such a large-scale retrofit project, the judges applauded the City for its courage to tackle such a complex project on a highly public, intensively utilized place. “It was a big gamble for a City Council showing superior leadership,” they said, but one that has paid off in many tangible and intangible ways and ultimately, served to create a more sustainable Minneapolis. Green Roof Maintenance TectaGreen – A TectaAmerica Company Roofing & Waterproofing Contractor Stock Roofing Company, A TectaAmerica Company COST: USD $15.48 per square foot/$1,975,027 total I READ OUR COVER STORY PROFILE OF THIS GREEN ROOF IN THE FALL 2009 OF THE LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW.GREENROOFS.ORG. “ WITHOUT THE POLITICAL GUTS OF MINNEAPOLIS COUNCIL MEMBER LISA GOODMAN… THERE WOULD BE NO GREEN ROOF ON THE TARGET CENTER ARENA. Peter MacDonagh, director of science & design, The Kestrel Design Group, Inc. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR FALL 2010 ” 21 http://WWW.GREENROOFS.ORG

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010
From the Founder - Urban Agriculture
Strata - T.O.’s New Green Roof Construction Standard
On the Roof With…Richard Conlin
Project - Farming for the City
Beekeeping - Diary of an Urban Apiarist
Exemplary Design - GRHC’s 2010 Awards of Excellence Winners
A Green Roof That Moves
Steeped in Ecological Design
Creating Community
A Model of Municipal Leadership
A Green Roof That Works
Like a Grassland Stream
Prairie in the City
Recycling Rainwater
Research - Increasing Urban Food Security With Extensive Green Roofs
Economic Valuation of a Rooftop Food Garden
Grhc Update - Macro-Scale Food Production
New Corporate Members
New GRPs
On Spec - Urban Agriculture — Hero or Hype?

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010