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SPECS CATEGORY: Extensive Institutional PROJECT: Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project: 284,650-squarefoot (2.4 hectares) extensive green roof. AWARD RECIPIENT: PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia/Landscape Architects Image courtesy of PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc. and DA Architects and Planners CLIENT: PavCo DESIGN TEAM: Landscape Architects Don Wuori Design Mechanical Engineer Stantec Inc. Architects DA/MCM +LMN Structural Engineer Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers Landscape Contractors Holland Landscapers Ltd. Electrical Engineers Schenke Bawol Engineering Ltd. LIKE A GRASSLAND STREAM EMULATING NATURE, A SOPHISTICATED RUNNEL SYSTEM CREATED AN ELEGANT STORMWATER SOLUTION Propagation Contractors NATS Nursery Ltd. Roofing Contractors Flynn Canada Ltd. Horticultural Consultant Rana Creek Habitat Restoration Contractors PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. T he coastal grassland habitat of the Vancouver Convention Centre green roof is an integral part of the nature-based, green stepping stone network that encourages birds, honeybees and other insects to move between the existing natural areas within urban Vancouver. While much can be said about this roof, it was this seamless design that impressed the judges, as did the project’s stormwater management profiles. To manage stormwater the design team developed three strategies: minimize expense by not customdesigning “super” drains; keep the water on the roof as long as possible; and release it slowly so as to allow it to move to conventional drains equally spaced along the roof edge and eventually into the adjacent Coal Harbour. As such, the roof was divided up into individual 800-square-metre drainage areas based on drainage basin size, stormwater volumes and flow rates. This is the largest area that a conventional-sized roof drain can accommodate under planted conditions. The excess stormwater from each drainage basin was directed to a roof drain via a conveyance runnel system. The roof runnels consisted of 30 centimeter wide aluminum-edged, rock-filled channels perforated on the uphill side and solid on the downhill side. The runnels zigzag down the sloping roof planes much like a grassland stream moves through the landscape collecting excess stormwater, preventing additional demand on municipal infrastructure. COST: USD $15.48 per square foot/$1,975,027 total READ MORE ABOUT THE INTEGRATED DESIGN OF THIS EXTRAORDINARY GREEN ROOF IN THE SUMMER 2010 ISSUE OF THE LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW.GREENROOFS.ORG. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR FALL 2010 23 http://WWW.GREENROOFS.ORG

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010
From the Founder - Urban Agriculture
Strata - T.O.’s New Green Roof Construction Standard
On the Roof With…Richard Conlin
Project - Farming for the City
Beekeeping - Diary of an Urban Apiarist
Exemplary Design - GRHC’s 2010 Awards of Excellence Winners
A Green Roof That Moves
Steeped in Ecological Design
Creating Community
A Model of Municipal Leadership
A Green Roof That Works
Like a Grassland Stream
Prairie in the City
Recycling Rainwater
Research - Increasing Urban Food Security With Extensive Green Roofs
Economic Valuation of a Rooftop Food Garden
Grhc Update - Macro-Scale Food Production
New Corporate Members
New GRPs
On Spec - Urban Agriculture — Hero or Hype?

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010