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GRHC UPDATE NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS IT SAUL NATURAL ItSaul Natural produces green roof plants and green roof planting media. A Saul Horticulture Company, we have over 30 years of nursery production and over 23 years of organic and engineered soil/media experience. We produce over 150 varieties of green roof plants as well as intensive and extensive green-roof planting media. We also have 100% pre-consumer, recycled LEED-approved extensive growing media. GREEN ROOF SERVICE Green Roof Service has been designing, building and maintaining green roofs since their start in Germany over 30 years ago and helped pioneer this concept in the U.S. over 10 years ago. We offer consultation services on a variety of eco-friendly design options ranging from green roofs/walls to bio filtration pools. ATLANTIS WATER MANAGEMENT Atlantis Water Management is a North America product leader in stormwater management and green building design. Our product line has been specified into stormwater commercial projects since 2003, with increasing growth in subsurface bioretention, rainwater and grey-water recycling and green roof / living wall construction. MIDWEST GROUNDCOVERS, LLC Midwest Groundcovers is a wholesale nursery that specializes in container grown plants for the landscape and garden center markets throughout the greater Midwest. In addition to a full line of green roof plants, Midwest also grows groundcovers, shrubs, evergreens, perennials, roses and native plants. Together with our sister company, Midwest Trading, Inc., we can provide you with one stop shopping for green roof media, plants, and module planting. TO LEARN HOW YOUR FIRM CAN BENEFIT FROM BECOMING A MEMBER OF GRHC, PLEASE VISIT WWW.GREENROOFS.ORG. NEW GRPS CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW ACCREDITED GREEN ROOF PROFESSIONALS Jeffrey Beaton, AECOM; Gary Boyd, Boyd, Inc.; Betsy Davis; Sherri EngleBennett; Annette Lynne Etcheverry; Yevgeniy Fomin; Charles Gardella, Gates + Associates; Alan Good, California Academy of Sciences; Samantha Haimovitch, Gates + Associates; Kendra Hauser, California Academy of Sciences; Pat Heroman, Heroman Services; Jessica Hutcheon, Janet Rosenberg and Associates; Pearl Lande, RP Lande Management; Pamela LoPinto, Handywomen for Hire; Janet Mackinnon, ae design; Glen Manning, Hilderman Thomas Frank Cram; Henry Marsh, GAF; Ricardo Martinez; Michael Mauer, M2L Associates Inc.; Bryan McLaren, Northern Arizona University; Jason Nielsen, Sika Sarnafil; Bruce Oliver, ecovation inc; Beverly Powell, Greening California Roofs; David Scott, GAF Materials Corporation; Kevin Serena, American Hydrotech, Inc; Carolyn Smith; Anna Suardini, American Hydrotech; Cyrille Taieb, all terra group; Kent Thompson; William Traver, Tremco; Lisa Ward, Four Seasons Greenery, LLC; Kirstin Weeks, Arup; Wolfgang Werner, Thornton Tomasetti; Tim Zeitler, Slippery Rock University Sign up for GRHC’s training courses and work towards your GRP today at http://WWW.GREENROOFS.ORG

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010
From the Founder - Urban Agriculture
Strata - T.O.’s New Green Roof Construction Standard
On the Roof With…Richard Conlin
Project - Farming for the City
Beekeeping - Diary of an Urban Apiarist
Exemplary Design - GRHC’s 2010 Awards of Excellence Winners
A Green Roof That Moves
Steeped in Ecological Design
Creating Community
A Model of Municipal Leadership
A Green Roof That Works
Like a Grassland Stream
Prairie in the City
Recycling Rainwater
Research - Increasing Urban Food Security With Extensive Green Roofs
Economic Valuation of a Rooftop Food Garden
Grhc Update - Macro-Scale Food Production
New Corporate Members
New GRPs
On Spec - Urban Agriculture — Hero or Hype?

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010