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LETTERS In the Winter 2010 issue of the Living Architecture Monitor, we explored the views of many industry participants in “Who Owns the Green Roof?” following two pivotal National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rulings in the Chicago area involving roofers and landscapers. At the time, we invited readers to further share their thoughts – and you didn’t hold back. “WHO OWNS THE GREEN ROOF? THE BUILDING OWNER!” Regardless of what trade thinks they own the roof, the decision-maker is the building owner with guidance from architects, roof consultants and general contractors. It’s about who has the experience, offers value and long-term performance. As the roof’s “prime contractor,” Chicagoland’s Professional Roofing Contractor works with crafts for a seamless installation process for the building owner. However, we agree that the maintenance of the plants in pre-planted modular trays or builtin place should be performed by the landscaper working with the prime roofing contractor, creating single-source responsibility. Chicago’s Roofing Contractors and Local 11 have also won jurisdiction disputes at the Cook County Building Trades Join Conference Board (JCB). The decision of the Joint Conference Board was for the Roofing Trade, unlike the NLRB’s decision for the employees of the landscaper. JCB decisions are final and binding. Who owns the green roof is not the point. Who provides value to “the roof construction process” is what matters. Gary Menzel Business Representative, United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Westchester, Illinois 2 LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR “GREAT JOB!” I have always enjoyed paging through the Living Architecture Monitor; however, this current issue (Winter 2010) was by far the best issue I have read. I found myself absorbed in reading the entire issue in one sitting. Congratulations! For those of us that are often asked to substantiate green roofs to the customer/architect; this issue hit the nail on the head. It provided the architect, manufacturer and general green roof enthusiast with great substance and pertinent information. There was an abundance of relevant information that can further be utilized as “selling” tools. I commend and thank your team and writers at GRHC, great job! Best regards, Janet Faust, LEED AP, GRP Environmental Horticulturist Green Roof Product Manager JDR Enterprises, Inc. THE ROOFER: SINGLE-SOURCE ROOF RESPONSIBILITY It needs to be pointed out that the NLRB determination for the Moore and Pederson rulings is limited in scope. NLRB determined for the “…employees represented by the Operating Engineers and Teamsters.” This has nothing to do with a union, its members, a company or industry. It’s even “limited to the controversy that gave rise to this proceeding,” meaning only that project. And, it was for the landscape plantings, not the roof. Chicago’s Professional Roofing Contractors know the garden roof is about the complete roof system, from roof deck to the plants, and providing proven value. We understand how to operate as the prime contractor on the roof, directing the rooftop construction process by teaming with landscape and plumbing professionals so the roof gets done right, the first time. We are licensed to work on the roof at heights; and have the knowledge to supervise workers on the roof that must not leak. One call, single-source roof responsibility. A garden roof is much more than the plants. It’s about the entire roof system. Mark Moran Chicagoland Roofing Council Chicago, Illinois THE GRP AS A DRIVER FOR INNOVATION As principal landscape architect of Terraplan Landscape Architects, my recent designation as an accredited Green Roof Professional (GRP) has proven to be an asset in my practice. Many architects and developers that we work for have come to recognize the importance of the GRP designation on their development projects and having a GRP on our team has given my firm and practice tremendous credibility and experience in the field of green roof design, leading to more business. The courses offered by GRHC provided our firm with knowledge and techniques in designing green roof systems. Other professions such as structural engineering and architecture have welcomed our firm into their design team at the early stages because of our accredited, green roof expertise. We fully endorse the GRHC program for GRP and have already sent staff to participate. We intend to have all our staff trained as we believe this new industry requires training and education. As landscape architects, the knowledge and education being offered by GRHC has strengthened our green roof design practice and has given our existing clients and new clients a new service. Becoming a GRP goes beyond just design. SPRING 2010

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2010
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2010