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GRHC UPDATE NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS PLEASE JOIN US IN WELCOMING THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS TO THE GRHC COMMUNITY EDA CONTRACTORS, INC. EDA Contractors, Inc. is a mid-Atlantic contractor that specializes in the building envelope. Their envelope warranty provides all owners with a solesource warranty for any green/landscaped roofing system while utilizing many different manufacturers and nurseries. EDA’s warranty allows for a proprietary free specification, and their experienced staff and excellent manufacturer relationships will provide owners with a valued product. public and private sectors. The collaborative nature of their practice allows the firm to effectively address the complexities inherent in the development of sustainable environments. TERRACARE ASSOCIATES Terracare Associates is one of the leading landscape maintenance and public infrastructure maintenance contractors in the Western United States. Their industry certified and experienced staff provides complete management programs tailored specifically to the needs of each site and priorities of each client. At Terracare Associates we strive to deliver service and quality that go beyond our customer’s expectations. KEMPER SYSTEM Kemper System is a leading manufacturer of cold liquid-applied resin systems for plaza waterproofing, green roofing, cool roofing, roof recoveries, historic restoration, waterproofing of balconies, terraces, gutters, flashings, vehicular and pedestrian surfaces. Kemper System fleecereinforced, cold liquid-applied resin membranes reliably protect the most renowned buildings such as the Empire State Building, Fenway Park, Madison Square Garden, Falling Water, Woodruff High Museum of Art. Kemper System focuses on sustainable products with renewable resources and solvent-free applications. IBI GROUP IBI Group is a multi-disciplinary organization offering services in four core disciplines: urban land, facilities, transportation and intelligent systems. IBI Group has long recognized the value of integrating these four disciplines to ensure a holistic approach toward creating innovative and responsive solutions for our clients in AQUA TERRA Aqua Terra is an environmental services company operating in Latin America since 1997. They are a multidimensional company working to generate the environmental benefits through green roofs and walls, water and soil remediation, water management systems, erosion control and more.

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2011
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2011