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GRHC UPDATE NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS PLEASE JOIN US IN WELCOMING THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS TO THE GRHC COMMUNITY VEGETAL I.D. Vegetal I.D. Inc. produces many innovative technologies for green roofs and living walls. Originally from France, Vegetal I.D. Inc., has been developing green roofs and vegetative systems for 16 years. Today, Vegetal I.D. Inc. is one of the largest green roof nurseries in the world. Hydropack®, the innovative all-in-one tray system, has been very successful in Europe (used on more than 1,000 projects) and is now being produced in North America. METRO GREEN VISIONS, INC. The best of both worlds – MGV GroRoof™ hybrid system has all the advantages of a monolithic green roof with the additional benefits of a modular system. MGV GroRoof™ is easily transported and installed, easy to maintain and instantly green. MGV GroRoof™ is manufactured in the USA by Metro Green Visions, Inc. BOTHWELL-ACCURATE Bothwell-Accurate has offered award-winning service in the Greater Toronto Area for over 83 years and is an innovative leader in superior installations for all roofing, waterproofing and metal cladding applications. The company’s portfolio of services includes: new roofing, re-roofing, green/living roofs, roof maintenance programs, photovoltaic roofing systems, moisture/thermal waterproofing systems, traffic toppings and 24/7 emergency service. THE GRP TURNS 2 GRHC PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM MILESTONES • Design 101 Course – Completed in 2003 • Design and Installation 201 – Completed 2004 • Waterproofing and Drainage 301 – Completed 2005 • Plants and Growing Media 401 – Completed 2006 • Occupational Standard – Completed in 2008 • Introduction to Green Walls – Completed in 2008 • GRP Exam Launch – June 2009 Atlanta • Living Architecture Academy – Online Learning Center Launch - 2010 • Integrated Site and Building Water Management – Completed 2010 • Introduction to Urban Rooftop Food Production – Completed 2011 • Advanced Maintenance Course – Completed 2011 • Current Number of Green Roof Professionals – 450 To find a GRP for your project, visit the Find A Member tool on LEARN MORE To learn how your firm can benefit from becoming a member of GRHC, please visit 2011 PROFESSIONAL CALENDAR BOOTCAMPS Chicago Philadelphia Calgary Toronto New York San Francisco ADDITIONAL COURSES June 1–4 June 14–17 September 29 – October 2 October 8–11 October 20–23 November 3–5 101 201 Kansas City Ottawa HALF DAYS July 14 September 23 URBAN AGRICULTURE July 15 September 24 ADVANCED MAINTENANCE New York Toronto EXAMS July 9 July 11 August 16 October 4 December 6 July 26 / August 26 Washington, D.C. Toronto San Francisco GRP course and exam schedules may be subject to change. Please visit for the most current information 34 LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR SPRING 2011

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2011
Adaptation Through Innovation
Award-Winning Leader
Living Building Challenge Update
On the Roof With...
The Black Arts
Green Walls
Stormwater Policy
Root Repellent Standards
Growing Media
Green Building Codes
New Corporate Members
The GRP Turns Two
Professional Calendar
My First Year as a GRP

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2011