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THE GARDEN WALK, ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA . IMAGE COURTESY OF JAMES SABLE, GREENSCREEN CONTENTS SPRING 2011 VOLUME 13, NO. 2 1 FROM THE FOUNDER ADAPTATION THROUGH INNOVATION From new testing standards to never-before-seen energy-efficient, integrated green wall design to a $2 billion stormwater strategy, the industry responds to the environmental sustainability challenge. By Steven W. Peck 2 STRATA AWARD-WINNING LEADER Green roof plant guru Ed Snodgrass wins prestigious American Horticultural Society award. By Vicky Fellowes 4 LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE UPDATE Projects on both sides of the border demonstrate the seemingly impossible. By Vicky Fellowes 6 ON THE ROOF WITH… INNOVATION SERIES 12 THE BLACK ARTS Dr. Mark Gorgolewski, Ryerson University & Bradley Guy, The Catholic University of America. Interview by Caroline M. Nolan 34 GRHC UPDATE NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS New trends in roofing systems and design. By Bill Foley 14 GREEN WALLS From integration with LED lighting to boosting a building’s water efficiency, there is a growing abundance of possibilities for green façade wall applications to facilitate innovative design. By Dean Hill 18 STORMWATER POLICY Please join us in welcoming the following organizations to the GRHC community. By Jordan Richie 34 34 THE GRP TURNS TWO Philly’s $2 billion stormwater solution is leaving no potential green roof surface unexamined – even the City's bus shelters are fair game. By Howard Neukrug 24 ROOT REPELLENT STANDARDS GRHC Professional Development Program Milestones. PROFESSIONAL CALENDAR Train to become a GRP today. By Luna Ghose 35 ON SPEC MY FIRST YEAR AS A GRP 28 ANSI/GRHC/SPRI VR – 1 2011 – A new procedure for investigating resistance to root penetration on vegetative roofs. By Robert Berghage GROWING MEDIA Launched in June 2009, the Green Roof Professional accreditation program turns two. Here, a newcomer to the industry shares highlights from her first year as a GRP. By Kathryn Harrold The wonders of soil. By Paul S. Mankiewicz 30 GREEN BUILDING CODES New regulatory approaches set sights on compliance for the future. By Jeremy Sigmon Image courtesy of Dean Hill, greenscreen ON THE COVER:

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2011
Adaptation Through Innovation
Award-Winning Leader
Living Building Challenge Update
On the Roof With...
The Black Arts
Green Walls
Stormwater Policy
Root Repellent Standards
Growing Media
Green Building Codes
New Corporate Members
The GRP Turns Two
Professional Calendar
My First Year as a GRP

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2011