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Research Award civic Award JEREMY LUNDHOLM, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR IN THE DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY, AT SAINT MARY'S UNIVERSITY IN HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA r. Jeremy Lundholm is not only a prolific researcher and writer, he is an inspiring teacher, a biodiversity pioneer and a wide reaching advocate for green roofs and urban ecosystems. He has published over a dozen research articles covering green roofs in various internationally recognized journals. His role as editor of the 2008 Green Roofs Special Issue in Urban Ecosystems was perhaps his most important contribution to green JEREMY LUNDHOLM roof research publication to date. Lundholm’s own research has dealt extensively with the green roof ecosystem – with papers discussing green roofs as novel ecosystems, their habitat value and water retention. Some of his pioneering work has concerned biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships. Novel and innovative, this work uses rigorous ecological testing to guide green roof design and maximize performance. These studies have provided the first empirical evidence that planting multiple functional groups improves function over time. Plant selection research has always been critical in maintaining aesthetics and habitat value, but Lundholm has linked this to technical performance; understanding the functional performance of plant palettes and bridging ecology and design. Lundholm is also a teacher and advocate with a consistent presence at GRHC’s conferences – presenting and bringing his students. He has been invited to speak on green roofs at a variety of major ecology conferences – including the Ecological Society of America, and the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution. Closer to home, he single-handedly built up the Saint Mary’s University green roof research facility in Halifax to be among the largest and most technically advanced in North America. His research has full support from both the University and from the municipality. (Halifax has recently offered city buildings as test sites.) He has also successfully collaborated with several companies in the green roof industry and often provides free consultation to regional landscape architects and other professionals. Always happy to talk about green roofs to interested parties, Lundholm has given countless tours of the Saint Mary’s green roof research facilities to University donor groups and classes, school children of all ages, visiting researchers from all disciplines, and many others. He is an encouraging and charismatic professor, exceptional at engaging students in his research – which always ensures many volunteer undergraduates to help with experiments during the field season. Clearly, Dr. Jeremy Lundholm, with his facilities and his intellectual authority on urban ecology and constructed ecosystems, is poised to have resounding impacts on plant selection and design of green roofs – their economic, environmental and social benefits in North America. * KELLY LUCKETT, PRESIDENT, GREEN ROOF BLOCKS, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI n 2007 the International Code Council (ICC) adopted a measure that would require green roofs to comply with the wind uplift and fire resistance requirements mandated by the International Building Code. Naturally this was an important issue for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and its Members. At GRHC’s 5th Annual Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities conference in Minneapolis, a Technical Subcommittee was formed by Corporate Members to look at developing standards for green roofs that could be written into the building code. But who should lead it? Enter Kelly Luckett, president of Green Roof Blocks. Luckett came from the roofing industry and was familiar with the building code and the need to adapt to code changes as they develop. Elected to lead the subcommittee, Luckett immediately got to work with the various roofing and construction organizations to develop a prescriptive design guide for wind uplift resistance and another for fire resistance. Three years later, the standards that Luckett co-authored have been vetted with industry stakeholders through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The fire design guide (VF-1) has been approved by ANSI and language from this standard has been adopted by the ICC and inserted into the International Fire Code. The wind design guide (RP-14) has now been approved by ANSI as an American National Standard and will be submitted for adoption into the 2015 printing of the International Building Code. This work will significantly improve the wind uplift resistance of green roof design and construction in the United States. Throughout this process, Luckett has taken time out of his personal life, paid his own travel expenses and undertaken research that he insisted remained in the public domain to benefit the entire green roof industry. And this was done in addition to dozens of educational presentations each year encouraging governmental bodies, the design community, and the construction industry to embrace the green roof concept. Luckett has maintained from the very beginning that promotion of the green roof concept is just as important as promotion of his own company, Green Roof Blocks. In July 2009 his efforts to promote the green roof concept culminated in a text book Green Roof Construction and Maintenance (McGraw Hill, 2009). As the industry grows, the work of members like Luckett is absolutely vital; members who are willing to put the development and growth of the industry ahead of their own bottom line – to invest in the future of the industry. * D I KELLY LUCKETT LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR WINTER 2011 29

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Winter 2011
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Winter 2011