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CURRENT RESEARCH the LiVing architecture monitor to Launch an onLine academic PuBLication: the JournaL oF LiVing architecture By: ROBERT BERGHAGE C oming out of CitiesAlive in Chicago—what we heard was clear—there is a demand for both an outlet for publication, and easy access to high quality, peer reviewed, scholarly articles on green roofs and living walls. Although there are a number of existing peer reviewed journals that are publishing green roof and living wall articles, many in the research community feel there is a need for a research publication specific to living architecture. This need comes from the nature of living architecture research, which is often a unique blend of architecture, engineering, biology, horticulture, ecology, social sciences and many other disciplines. Because this research doesn’t always fit into journals dedicated to specific disciplines, finding the right publication to disseminate this research is sometimes a challenge. Further, because the research is sometimes published in unexpected places and in publications with limited access, it is not always easy to find. The problem of finding relevant published research is not restricted to academics working with living architecture, but is also of concern to industry professionals who are searching for relevant research that applies to their day-to-day business operations. There is an information gap in the living architecture professional community: there needs to be a place where scholarly research on these topics can be published—and be read by both the research community and the public. With that in mind, the Living Architecture Monitor will launch a new publication in 2013 called the Journal of Living Architecture (JOLA). The mission of this new online journal will be to publish high quality, peer-reviewed scholarly articles and research papers with a focus on living architecture. The new journal will have an independent editorial review board composed of researchers, academics and other scholars working in the field who will oversee the review and selection of submitted articles. The print/ digital version of the Living Architecture Monitor will features abstracts and summaries of the peer reviewed articles with links to the full JOLA papers on our new LAM/JOLA website – This link between the academic journal and trade publication will provide a broad base for information dissemination and fill the information gap that exists both within and between the academic and industry professional communities working in the field. Over the next few months the editorial review board will be developing the formal mission statement for the new journal and submission and review guidelines and procedures. The current editorial review board includes: • Chair, Robert Berghage (Penn State University) • Reid Coffman (Kent State University) • Nigel Dunnett (University of Sheffield) • Brad Bass (Environment Canada) • Sabina Shaikh (University of Chicago) • Bill Retzlaff (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) We hope to encourage broad participation in this effort by the academic community involved in living architecture. If you are interested in participating on the editorial review board or would like to be involved with developing the mission statement, the review and submission guidelines, or would be willing to assist by providing external reviews of submitted articles please contact editor@ Robert Berghage is an associate professor of horticulture at Penn State University and the chair of the Journal of Living Architecture’s editorial review board. FIND OUT MORE LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / fALL 2012 / 10

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2012
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2012