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ON THE ROOF WITH… industry Leaders discuss green rooF FaiLure The theme of this issue of the Living Architecture Monitor is “the good, the bad and the ugly.” It is not only important to celebrate innovative green roof projects—but to discuss ones that are unsuccessful as well, so we can learn and move forward. I spoke with Angie Durhman, national green roof manager for TectaAmerica; David yocca, principal landscape architect/ planner for Conservation Design forum; and Vanessa Keitges, president and CEO of Columbia Green, to hear their thoughts on green roof failure. Because, yes, green roofs sometimes do fail—so how do we ensure they perform better in the future? INTERVIEWED By: JENNIfER fODEN WILSON LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / fALL 2012 / 4 q: HOW WOULD yOU pERSONALLy DEfINE “fAILURE” WITH RESpECT TO GREEN ROOfS? Angie: While most of us industry experts can pick apart “failure” from the technical aspect, I would have to define it from the owner’s perspective—they are not happy—for whatever reason. The delivered product did not meet the client’s expectations for the project. I don’t believe there is finality to a “failed” system—a green roof is a living system and nature will evolve into something different. David: The first type of failure is when the green roof does not provide all of the values and benefits that it could. If the cost and efforts are made to provide a green roof, then it should offer all of the qualities it is capable of, within practicality. The second type of failure is when a green roof does not meet its design intent. If the roof was intended to provide a certain function, such as rainwater attenuation, then does it actually capture and retain the anticipated rainfall? q: HAVE yOU HAD ANy pROfESSIONAL ExpERIENCE WITH GREEN ROOf pROJECTS THAT HAVE fAILED?

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2012
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2012