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gREEN ROOF LOCAL MARkET sYMPOsIUMs HELP DRIVE LOCAL INDUsTRY & JOBs by TRACy JACKSON S P.O. Box 748 • St. Charles, IL 60174 847-742-1790 • Fax 847-742-2655 ince 2001, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) has organized more than 35 Local Market Development Symposiums to help drive local policy and procurement practices. Symposia are an excellent way to reach local and regional decision makers to inform them of the many public and private benefits of green roofs and walls, and to bring these technologies to the forefront of discussions about infrastructure investment among policy makers, architects, landscape architects, installers, growers and manufacturers. Symposia provide a multi-disciplinary forum to identify local and regional projects and research, and to identify barriers to market expansion and opportunities to adapt existing, or create new policies that generate green jobs in the industry. Over the past 10 years, with seed funding from local governments, GRHC has conducted Symposia in cities such as Portland, Vancouver, Cincinatti, Baltimore, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Partnering with the local universities, water utilities and local or regional governments has proven to be an effective means of ensuring that these events attract decision makers. Every symposium includes a small trade show component that is free to our corporate members, as well as discussion groups about challenges and opportunities led by senior policy makers. The long term success of these efforts is largely tied to the ability of local academic, government and industry leaders to follow up on the recommendations that emerge from these events and the ability of local political leaders to exercise leadership. GRHC’s new Ambassador program is dedicated to working with local leaders to develop the skills to be able to help deliver policy changes that are support of green roofs and walls. Our next Symposium is in partnership with the City of Toronto Economic Development Department and the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Green Building Council. It will be focused on expanding awareness of the many benefits of Toronto’s Green Roof Bylaw to local governments in the Greater Toronto Area and will be held at the Earth Ranger Centre in Vaughan on September 26th. Tracy Jackson is the assistant editor of the Living Architecture Monitor, project manager of the Rise of Living Architecture and symposium coordinator for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. Sedum mix Chicago City Hall FinD OUT MOrE For more information about our ongoing Local Market Symposium program please contact Tracy Jackson, 48w805 Rte. 64 • Virgil, IL 60151 630-365-1990 • Fax 630-365-3818 w w w. m i d w es t - t radi

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2012
Letter from the Chairman
From the Founder
New Standard on the Use of Lightweight Aggregate
Urban Agriculture Declaration Caps Amazing Summit Debut
Economics of Biophilic Design
Brad Rowe, David Spalding, Cornelia Oberlander, Paul Kephart
Green Roofing Industry Sees Triple Digit Growth
Green Roof Local Market Symposiums
Industry Professionals Weigh in on Growing Media Quality Control!
CitiesAlive in Chicago Oct 17th – 19th
Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition Changes our Perspectives on Infrastructure
Improving Tax Abatement
10th Anniversary Commemorative Pull Out Section
Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market
Leadership Knows No Bounds- Virginia Russell
Policy Profile- A Home for Biodiversity on Green Roofs
New Industry Products
Plant Profile: Chives Thrive on Green Roofs
Half a year, Full-Fledged Growth
In God We Trust – All Others Bring Data!
New Corporate Members
Professional Calendar
GRHC Buyers Guide
Green Supremacy by Zach Williams

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2012