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IN gOD wE TRUsT – ALL OTHERs BRINg DATA! GREEN wALLS COMMITTEE by: REUbEN fREED Stainless steel wire rope products and connectors T his challenge, attributed to statistician, teacher and consultant W. E. Deming is the call to arms for proponents of living architecture. In spite of historical experience, vernacular uses and numerous practical, commonsense applications, measurable performance benefits of vegetated facades had not been researched in North America until 2008, when Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ Green Wall Committee representing green façade system manufacturers funded the two green façade research papers that will be published this fall. Their primary goal is to ‘bring data’ for review by the committees of the ratings systems (LEED©, Sustainable Sites, Living Building Challenge etc.) in order to identify and reward with points or credits for measurable benefits the developers of both new and existing projects. The Green Walls Committee took on the task to develop and monitor educational outreach in the form of an accessible, dynamic and accredited course (Green Walls 101) and, in the last three or four years, initiate, fund and manage green façade research. Our timing in this is perfect. The science on green walls will take its place in the data tool kit of living architecture. The first North American data on thermal and growth properties and the rainwater interception capacity of green facades, based on work by teams under Dr. David Tilley (Ecosystem Engineering and Design Lab, U of Md.) and Dr. Maureen Connelly (Center for Architectural Ecology, BCIT School of Construction and the Environment) integrates with the Living Architecture Performance Tool program. This data base will identify and document the science behind living architecture’s functional attributes in terms of water, energy, life sciences, health & wellbeing, materials’ life cycle and planning / process. Green wall research, in the context of a Living Architecture Performance Tool, is focused on the performance of vines on trellis structures. Considering the different types of “green wall” technologies, a practical decision was made to reduce variables and focus on achievable data sets, and restrict research to Green Facades only. Research has revealed much but posed many more questions. Dr. Tilley’s data on plant growth and variety in relation to energy / water balance not only gives designers a basis to predict and control green facade energy functions, but also invites questions about the relationship of growing media volumes and drainage to growth limits. How much growth media is optimum for a vine to cover a two-story façade? What kind of growing media? Dr. Connelly’s work on rainfall diversion from the building envelope led her to question water transported back to the building envelope, and the vegetated façade’s relationship to the operative mechanisms of rain screens. A green façade’s capacity for the reduction or diversion of water to infrastructure systems led to more questions about media volume and quality of runoff. Methodology and data capture for this work is new territory and was created for the first time. Areas of investigation and communication for green walls proliferate in the same way as those for green roofs: water, energy, biodiversity, air quality, maintenance and the integrated design and planning process. “Bring data!” indeed! We have our work cut out for us, Dr. Deming. Reuben Freed is director of research at greenscreen™, chair of the Green Walls Group of GRHC and has a background in architecture. David Tilley will be presenting his research at CitiesAlive in Chicago. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / SUMMER 2012 / 39 Jakob Inc. Toll-free 1-866-215-1421

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2012
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2012