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STRATA NEw sTANDARD ON URBAN AgRICULTURE THE UsE OF LIgHT- DECLARATION CAPs wEIgHT AggREgATE AMAzINg sUMMIT A recently-published ASTM International standard provides technical information on rotary kiln expanded lightweight aggregates, a major component in many North American green roof substrates. E2788, Specification for Use of Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate (ESCS) as a Mineral Component in the Growing Media and Drainage Layer for Vegetative (Green) Roof Systems, will assist specifiers, blenders and designers by providing typical gradations, as well as physical and chemical properties of ESCS. According to Chuck Friedrich, GRP, Carolina Stalite Co., who participated on the ASTM Subcommittee that developed this standard, E2788 “gives a broad scope of the properties, allowing most ESCS products in each region to meet the specification.” DEBUT K FinD OUT MOrE udos to the 600 thought-leaders and practitioners from around the globe who gathered in Toronto in August at the 2012 Urban Agriculture Summit to share what is working, and discover what is possible, in the amazing world of citybased food production. Featuring four days of thought provoking and leading-edge interaction, Summit highlights included keynote presentations by urban agriculture and social justice prophet Will Allen (Growing Power), sustainable supply chain guru Paul Lightfoot (Bright Farms), and internationally celebrated local architect / urban designer Joe Lobko (DTAH). Commercial rooftop agriculture was a featured highlight, with Kurt Lynn of Montreal’s Lufa Farm, and Brooklyn Grange head farmer Ben Flanner sharing their business development stories. An Urban Agriculture Summit Declaration will be released this Fall. aBOvE: attendees of Urban agriculture summit enjoy local food. Image provided by: Laura Berman, GreenFuse Photos As co-presenters of this ground breaking event, GRHC thanks their partners FoodShare (, host Ryerson University, the Toronto Food Policy Council, and the many sponsors, partners, exhibitors, delegates, media and volunteers. FinD OUT MOrE For more information, visit, join the community at and follow us at Be sure to watch this video on the importance of urban agriculture at com/watch?v=dgVyHvQaAf0 T LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / SUMMER 2012 / 4 ECONOMICs OF BIOPHILIC DEsIgN natural views. Savings related to reduced illness and absenteeism, better staff retention and job performance, improved healing and classroom learning, enhanced retail sales and reduced violence are documented. The authors estimate that US errapin Bright Green has recently hospitals could save $93 million annureleased a paper that summarizes ally in health care costs alone, by giving the scientific literature around biophillic design and bottom line savings. patients views to nature. The Economics of Biophilia: Why Designing With Nature In Mind Makes Financial Sense explores cost savings associated with measures such as day lighting, providing employees with access to plants and FinD OUT MOrE

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2012
Letter from the Chairman
From the Founder
New Standard on the Use of Lightweight Aggregate
Urban Agriculture Declaration Caps Amazing Summit Debut
Economics of Biophilic Design
Brad Rowe, David Spalding, Cornelia Oberlander, Paul Kephart
Green Roofing Industry Sees Triple Digit Growth
Green Roof Local Market Symposiums
Industry Professionals Weigh in on Growing Media Quality Control!
CitiesAlive in Chicago Oct 17th – 19th
Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition Changes our Perspectives on Infrastructure
Improving Tax Abatement
10th Anniversary Commemorative Pull Out Section
Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market
Leadership Knows No Bounds- Virginia Russell
Policy Profile- A Home for Biodiversity on Green Roofs
New Industry Products
Plant Profile: Chives Thrive on Green Roofs
Half a year, Full-Fledged Growth
In God We Trust – All Others Bring Data!
New Corporate Members
Professional Calendar
GRHC Buyers Guide
Green Supremacy by Zach Williams

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2012