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ON THE ROOF WITH… LIVINg ARCHITECTURE LEADERs CONTINUE TO REACH NEw HEIgHTs Living architecture leaders command the stage as they march forward in their quest for all that is sustainable. The Rise of Living Architecture Commemorative Edition profiles more than 50 leaders that have contributed significantly to the rise of living architecture. with inspirational leaders such as these the green roof and wall industry can expect to continue its triple digit growth. I spoke with just a few of our profiled leaders, brad Rowe, professor at Michigan State University; David Spalding, president of American Hydrotech; Cornelia Oberlander, Landscape Architect and paul Kephart, president of Rana Creek, to give everyone a taste of what’s to come in The Rise of Living Architecture and the green roof and wall industry in this “On The Roof with” interview. INTERVIEwED by: MELISSA KOIS Q: As an influential leader in the green roof industry what do you think has been the most notable industry accomplishment to date? paul: The regional and national adoption and acceptance of policies and standards that govern industry applications. Now more than ever, both the private and public sectors can benefit from regulatory guidelines and incentives that sustainable practices can bring. brad: Since I am a university researcher, not a green roof company or installer, I would have to say the huge increase in the number of groups conducting research in various parts of North America. Peer reviewed publications in scientific journals that validate our claims as to the environmental, economic, and social benefits that green roofs can provide. Cornelia: Better understanding of waterproofing products and drainage mats [than when I first started designing over 30 years ago]. Q. what projects (yours or others) do you feel had a profound impact on the living architecture industry? paul: The GAP Corporate Campus in San Bruno California by William McDonough + Partners because it was among the first large-scale projects in the arid west and it featured habitat creation as a design objective. brad: Because of its size, I would say Ford Motor Company’s truck assembly plant in Dearborn, Michigan. The project has received much national media attention and has introduced the concept of green roofs to the general public. Thousands of people pay to visit the plant every year and in doing so they see the green roof and are educated about sustainable building practices. Ten years ago a leading business magazine lambasted Ford’s green roof as one of the dumbest business decisions ever conceived. Last year they were named one of the top 25 greenest companies in the United States by Newsweek. Cornelia: Three block long Robson Square green roof in Vancouver, British Columbia with Arthur Erickson Architect in 1979 when there was no green roof industry in North America. The design team of architects, engineers and landscape architects were able to solve carrying capacity on the roof and used a light weight growing medium and plants that could stand the pollutants of the city. Q. your opinion, green roofs or green walls? David: Both can have a positive impact on our built environment. In so many instances, the roof becomes the wall and transitions back to a roof all on the same building. That’s the delightful fun that some designers are having and we’re pleased to be a part of. brad: Green roofs are more practical. Keeping growing media in place and plants alive in living walls is a greater challenge because of the vertical orientation. They require an irrigation system and constant monitoring because if the irrigation system malfunctions then all the plants could be dead in a short period of time. Most of the living walls that I have seen do not look very good after one season. The majority of the same benefits can be achieved by growing vines on the wall or on a trellis LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / SUMMER 2012 / 6

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2012
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2012