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CURRENT RESEARCH rior plant industry emphasize that plants, living walls, biowalls etc., are more effective in removing VOC's in non-ventilated buildings as demonstrated in NASA’s Bio-home.” Our panelists discussed the pros and cons surrounding the need for further university research. On the pro side peer reviewed research is the most valid form; however, universities have more control over the funding and their high overhead costs reduces the amount used for the research. When special interest groups are funding research it is important for the group to remain distant to validate the research. Dr. Darlington pointed out the importance of the relationship between research, investors and the bottom line of improving a product making it readily available and affordable to the end user. “Although studying science for its own sake is fantastic, we are a corporation which means I must be able to rationalize our research activities to my board as an investment that will likely pay dividends.” The area of social benefits of indoor plants is receiving great attention and the “soft” benefits are building to a point of continued research. Social benefits of interior plants include, increased employee productivity, reducing sick building syndrome, general employee wellness, fewer sick days, and encouraging collaboration and idea sharing. A recent example of productivity saving can be seen at the Bank of America tower at 1 Battery Park in New York City., designed by Cook + Fox Architects. Incorporated into the biophilic design, an Urban Garden Room, open to the public, greets visitors as they A GREEN SPACE P IS A CLEAN SPACE BY: AMANDA CULVER At the CitiesAlive conference in Philadelphia, Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB) sponsored a panel of experts concerning the effects of indoor greening and its current research. Green Plants for Green Buildings actively advocates the inclusion of indoor live plants into both the LEED rating system and the IgCC (International Green Construction Code) in the Indoor Environmental Quality sections. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / WINTER 2012 / 30 anel members present at CitiesAlive included Dr. Alan Darlington, former Professor at the University of Guelph and the inventor of NedLaw biolfiltration walls; Dr. Bodie Pennisi, Associate Professor and Extension Landscape Specialist in the Horticulture Department at the University of Georgia; Dr. Dave Tilley, Associate Professor in the Natural Resources Management program and the department of Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Maryland; Ryan Burrows, founding partner at Eco Walls and a PhD candidate at Rutgers University. The panel was moderated by Joe Zazzera, LEED AP ID+C, GRP, Biomimicry specialist of Plant Solutions and myself, Amanda Culver, LEED AP ID+C, GRP of Gibson Landscape Services. In an effort to solidify goals in the inclusion of interior plants GPGB wanted to bring together the top researchers in the field to discuss necessary (and past) research to advocate indoor plants as an option to clean indoor air. While the soft benefits of indoor plants are not questioned it is difficult to scientifically quantify these benefits. Quantifiable data does show that indoor plants clean the air, however, is the rate substantial? Dr. Bill Wolverton, father of interior plant research reminded us, “It is important that the inte-

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Winter 2012
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Winter 2012