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2012 PROFESSIONAL CALENDAR GREEN ROOF PROFESSIONAL (GRP) TRAINING PROGRAM (GREEN ROOF DESIGN 101; DESIGN & INSTALLATION 201; WATERPROOFING & DRAINAGE 301; PLANTS & GROWING MEDIA 401) New York, NY (101-401) Chicago, IL (101-401) Portland, OR (201) Toronto New York Austin HALF-DAY COURSES March 22 to 25 April 18-21 May 2 March 30 April 26 April 13 LOCATION Toronto ON (101-401) Austin TX (101) Atlanta GA (101) Anapolis MD Chicago, IL April 3 to May 22 April 13 May 16 April 11 October 17 at CitiesAlive GREEN ROOF PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION EXAMS INTEGRATED WATER MANAGEMENT FOR BUILDINGS AND SITES 1 & 2 / CASE STUDIES IN PERFORMANCE DATE Advanced Green Roof Maintenance Green Walls 101: Systems Overview & Design New York, NY Toronto, ON May 17 March 19 Dates may be subject to change. Please visit for the most up-to-date information. NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS PLEASE JOIN US IN WELCOMING THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS TO THE GRHC COMMUNITY SNIPS LANDSCAPE & NURSERY Snips Landscape & Nursery has been providing professional landscape services since 1979, and is now specializing in green roofing and environmentally conscious landscape services. Snips has become a leader in green roofing in the Niagara Region, consistently providing quality services in green roof design, installation and maintenance. HYDRO DESIGNS, INC. Hydro Designs is a full-service irrigation design and consulting company incorporated since 1995. Based in Maryland, the company specializes in irrigation master planning, irrigation system design, irrigation system assessment, pumping system design, and construction management. NEW YORK GREEN ROOFS New York Green Roofs is a full-spectrum green roof service, providing consultation, design assistance, project management, installation, and maintenance services. With projects ranging from small residential retreats to large commercial and institutional projects, the company applies an integrated approach to building green roofs, utilizing a comprehensive understanding of different systems that allows customers to match project needs with the best available technologies. GOODE GREEN Founded in 2008, Goode Green is a green roof design and installation firm based in New York City. Projects range from small-scale residential to large scale commercial, municipal and industrial. Goode Green brings an alternative perspective to green roofs based upon the imagination of gardening and highquality aesthetics. SNYDER ROOFING & SHEET METAL, INC. Snyder Roofing & Sheet Metal celebrates over 80 years of providing quality roofing and associated services to the Pacific Northwest. Since the early 1920's Snyder has made a point of not only superior roofing, but also dedicating their staff to customer service and focusing their energy towards staying on top of the latest in roofing, waterproofing, repair and maintenance technology. RECOVER GREEN ROOFS, LLC Recover is dedicated to improving neighborhood environments and quality of life by designing, building and servicing green roofs and living walls. They work with all building types including academic, residential and commercial throughout Boston, New England and the Tri-state region. HANGING GARDENS, LLC Hanging Gardens is a green roof and storm water management component distributor, specializing in design and consultation. Based in both the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, Hanging Gardens provides a wide variety of high-quality, affordable system components. From green roof media to recycled water irrigation systems, Hanging Gardens offers clients sophisticated storm water management solutions. BROMLEY CALDARI ARCHITECTS Bromley Caldari Architects PC is a design-oriented, problem-solving architecture and interior design firm located in New York City. Founded in 1991, their staff includes architects, designers and technical people possessing high levels of expertise and intuition. Their work has been published in numerous magazines and journals all over the world. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / WINTER 2012 / 33

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Winter 2012
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New Kid on the Green Roof
New Incentives for Green Roofs
On the Roof with Ben Flanner
Award Winning Green Roof and Wall Projects Represent!
Awards of Excellence Profiles
CitiesAlive 2012 – Building a Legacy of Outstanding Performance in Chicago!
Recognizing the Pioneer that was Malcolm Wells
Green roof and wall performance standards volunteers required!
Plant Profile: Thymus
Project Profile: Green Wall Maintenance Madness
GRP in Focus: Mary Ann Uhlmann
Project Profile: Healthy Haven for Community Members
A Positive Outlook for Urban Greening of Vacant Lots
A Green Space is a Clean Space
The Ambassador Program
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Winter 2012