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Howard Neukrug Image provided by: Joyce Mclean Paulo Cesar Tabares-Velasco Image provided by: Paulo Cesar Tabares-Velasco AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE PROFILES BY PAUL ERLICHMAN CIVIC AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Howard Neukrug is perhaps North America’s foremost thinker and champion in the field of green infrastructure policy. The leadership, passion, and legitimacy he brings to the green infrastructure movement has not only endowed Philadelphia with bold policies, but has also inspired cities around the continent to realize the importance green infrastructure approaches to storm water management can have on improving the quality of life in cities. Mr. Neukrug has worked with the Philadelphia Water Department for 34 years. In 1999 he founded the Office of Watersheds within the Department, which was an unprecedented move for a major city utility. This office runs a series of programs that handle everything from flood control to drinking water protection and ecosystem monitoring. Perhaps the biggest program is the Green City, Clean Waters initiative, a 25-year plan implemented in 2011 that includes 2.4 billion in future investment. The plan was approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and is expected to revolutionize urban storm water management policy and programming across North America. This plan includes the large-scale implementation of green infrastructure (such as green roofs and bioretention planters), requirements and incentives for this infrastructure, a street tree program, the conversion of abandoned space, restored streams with physical habitat improvements, and more. Mr. Neukrug also serves as the Chairman of the Clean Water America Alliance's Urban Water Sustainability Council. The Alliance is poised to draft a national water policy blueprint. The Alliance’s plan is expected to advance ideas for eliminating roadblocks to green infrastructure and to offer suggestions for creating incentives for green infrastructure, including green roofs. Mr. Neukrug has also recognized the importance of community engagement, working with partners such as the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to engage, educate, and listen to community needs. A broad range of pilot projects and community outreach efforts were undertaken to further strengthen the Green City, Clean Water plan. Efforts were made to engage and receive input from environmental advocacy groups to confirm the green approach was technically robust and could achieve water quality goals. Mr. Neukrug made certain that both the technical components and financial benefits of the Green City, Clean Water approach were evaluated and addressed in a rigorous and academically sound manner. This involved engaging technical experts in many areas ranging from water quality computer modeling to detailed economic evaluations. It is Mr. Neukrug’s attention to detail which gives us hope that Philadelphia can achieve the lofty goals it is striving for, and potentially become the “greenest city in America.” RESEARCH AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Mr. Tabares-Velasco is a rising star in the world of green roof research. You will no doubt hear more from him in the near future. Despite his youth, he has managed to publish four papers on heat transfer and green roofs, and has quickly become an expert on the topic. His first published paper, which involved experiments, modeling and testing on real green roofs, received awards from three separate ASHRAE award committees, a difficult feat. These are not green roof-specific awards, so the fact that Mr. Tabares-Velasco’s papers were chosen shows that he is helping to promote cutting-edge green roof research to a larger market. After graduating from Penn State’s esteemed Architectural Engineering program in 2009 (where he completed his thesis on “Predictive Heat and Mass Transfer Model of Plant-Based Roofing Materials for Assessment of Energy Savings”), he moved to the National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado, where he is now pursuing his research. He has been prolific this year, publishing three more papers in respected journals, and further helping to advance the industry’s knowledge of heat and mass transfer on green roofs with different conditions. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / WINTER 2012 / 9

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