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STRATA BOOKSHELF EAT UP:THE INSIDE SCOOP ON ROOFTOP AGRICULTURE BY: LAUREN MANDEL T he first full-length book to focus entirely on rooftop agriculture, EAT UP views this growing movement through a practitioner’s lens, explaining: structural, access and infrastructural considerations; zoning and building codes; proven growing techniques; and business and marketing strategies. FIND OUT MORE: GREEN ROOFS BOOST EFFICIENCY OF SOLAR PANELS I t’s no surprise that having both a green roof and a solar panel array on a building is a great way to double down on reducing energy bills for property owners. Two recent studies, from the Bronx Design and Construction Academy and the American Solar Energy Society, raised some eyebrows by indicating that GREY TO GREEN A GREAT SUCCESS the plants on a green roof may improve the performance of the photovoltaic solar cells themselves. rey to Green, held at the beautiful In addition to providing natural Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto insulation for buildings, the plants also on May 21 and 22, focused on the ecocreate a better environment for solar nomics of green infrastructure. Thank you to cells, which perform best at lower everyone that made the Grey to Green confertemperatures. ence a great success. Videos of the keynote speakers are available online at www.vimeo. com/grhcna . You can also sign the Living Green Infrastructure Declaration at http://goo. gl/ikllW or earn CEU’s by purchasing online access to presentations: G FIND OUT MORE: NEW & UPCOMING GRHC COURSES GREEN ROOF BOOT CAMPS (NOW ONLY 3 FULL-DAY COURSES) SAVE $299! San Francisco – August 22nd to 24th Toronto – September 19th to 21st Chicago – September 26th to 28th New York – October 3rd to 5th HALF-DAY COURSES AT CITIESALIVE ON OCTOBER 23RD Living Architecture & Sustainable Energy (LAUNCH!) This course provides a holistic approach to energy conservation and production utilizing green roofs and walls. Introduction to Rooftop Urban Agriculture Introduction to Integrated Water Management for Buildings & Sites Green Walls 101: Systems Overview and Design Advanced Green Roof Maintenance Integrated Water Management for Buildings and Sites IV: Water Quality & Treatment Options (LAUNCH!) This is the fourth workshop in the Integrated Water Management Educational Series, exploring water quality basics and constituents of concern in harvested water FULL-DAY COURSES AT CITIESALIVE ON OCTOBER 23RD Green Roof Design and Installation (NEW!) This is an updated and consolidated version of our Green Roof Design 101 and Green Roof Design and Installation 201 courses. For more information, and to register, visit You can also purchase manuals at LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / FALL 2013 / 2 READ THIS ISSUE ONLINE AT WWW.LIVINGARCHITECTUREMONITOR.COM http://WWW.GREENROOFS.ORG/education http://WWW.LIVINGARCHITECTUREMONITOR.COM

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2013
From the Founder
Bookshelf – Eat Up: The Inside Scoop on Rooftop Agriculture
Green Roofs Boost Efficiency of Solar Panels
Grey to Green a Great Success
New & Upcoming GRHC Courses
On the Roof With… Industry Leaders
West Coast Green Innovation
Industry Research Collection
The Green Façade Inquiry
Creative Stormwater Landscaping
Leadership – Green Roof Leadership
Plant – Selecting Plants for Living Walls
Conference Agenda — CitiesAlive in San Francisco
Project – Green Walls for Greener Cities
Project – Living Architecture That Feeds
Project – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2013