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PRODUCT PROFILE ON THE ROOF WITH… NEW INDUSTRY PRODUCTS GREEN ROOF AND WALL LEADERS RELEASE NEW PRODUCTS LIVEROOF® WINDDISC™ “How much uplift can a green roof system withstand?” This common question has finally been answered with the LiveRoof® system. Last year, we worked with a team of code officials and engineers from the United States and Canada to become the first green roof system in North America to undergo full scale dynamic wind uplift testing, giving us empirical data related to how the LiveRoof® system performs against uplift, with and without LiveRoof’s patent-pending WindDisc™ technology. Suffice it to say, during laboratory testing, the LiveRoof® system with subterranean overlapping edges and full vegetation performed admirably and its performance was further enhanced with WindDisc technology. If you are considering a green roof in a high-wind application, please contact us for more information on the test results and the WindDisc technology. The WindDisc is a simple way to secure LiveRoof® modules together to improve wind uplift resistance. At uplift pressures exceeding 200 psf, the modules remained connected across the green roof surface with the WindDisc module connectors in place. The WindDisc technology allows for any size LiveRoof modules or RoofStone pavers to connect together across a green roof installation. GREENSCREEN® “CONSIDERATIONS FOR ADVANCED GREEN FACADE DESIGN” greenscreen® ( announces the release of a white paper titled, “Considerations for Advanced Green Facade Design,” utilizing over 18 years of collected knowledge, observation, implementation, and experimentation to describe successful strategies that include system selection, design, plant selection, maintenance and client/owner education. Also included are sections describing current research, designing for benefits and a bibliography with references. The white paper addresses best maintenance practices for long term survivability of the living system, access to credits from LEED® and SITES™ rating programs, and metrics for determining successes and failures. This document gives architects, landscape architects and contractors the necessary information to successfully incorporate green facade technology as a standard building component on projects. By utilizing the “checklist” approach of considerations, greenscreen® has demystified the green facade process and provided a vehicle to set industry standards pertaining to design, installation and maintenance of green facade systems. A condensed version of this white paper has been approved for Continuing Education credits by the American Institute of Architects, the Green Building Certification Institute and the American Society of Landscape Architects. You can read the paper at direct/Considerations/AdvancedGreenFacadeDesign_CEU_F12.pdf LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR / SPRING 2013 / 20 SODPODMOD® PRE-VEGETATED GREEN ROOF GROWING AND DELIVERY SYSTEM sodpodmod® is a patent pending (US and Canada) pre-vegetated green roof growing and delivery system made from recycled corrugated cardboard with an integrated drainboard also made from recycled material. The modules, 16” X 16” X 3” are pre-vegetated with water conserving native plants and sedums indigenous to a specific site location, in a custom blend for texture, variety and colour. Each sodpodmod® is grown for an establishment period of 3-4 months before being placed for shipment into a cardboard, stackable carton designed specifically for sodpodmod’s transport. At the destination, the palettes are lifted to and sodpodmod’s installed on the rooftop. Shipping cartons are then recycled. The sodpodmod® will decompose leaving no toxic residue in the growing media and is available in the following applications: 1. Licensing agreements with roofing companies or interested franchise parties 2. Supply contracts for growing and delivery of living roofs across North America 3. Retail sales (by website locations, and retail garden centers (currently under development).

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2013
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