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GRHC UPDATE new coRpoRate membeRs GRASSCHOppER LANDSCApING LTD. WWW.GRASSCHOppERLANDSCApING.COM Grasschopper Landscaping is Edmonton’s premier green roof contractor. Not only are their staff highly trained in green roof installation, including upcoming Green Roof Professionals, they also boast a staff which includes Red Seal Journeymen Landscape Gardeners, Certified Horticultural T echnicians, Gold Seal Project Managers (CCA), and Gold Seal Safety Officers (ACSA). They offer full design, installation, and maintenance services to meet all green roof and living wall needs. GREENfIELDS AGRICULTURE COMpANy WWW.GREENfIELDSAGRICULTURE.COM Greenfields Agriculture Company, created in 1981, is now a premier green industry provider in Kuwait. Since beginning over three decades ago they have streamlined and augmented their services keeping in view the global demand in contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment and the need to create green communities. HENRy KORTEKAAS & ASSOCIATES INC. WWW.HKLA.CA Henry Kortekaas & Associates Inc. is a ten person firm of professionals established in 1983. They offer three areas of professional service: Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning, and Recreational Planning. The firm provides innovative solutions to a variety of design challenges on land and rooftops. They have been able to assist Developers and Municipal Agencies on ways to best utilize their land in a sustainable manner, while still maintaining the environmentally sensitive component. JELITTO pERENNIAL SEEDS WWW.JELITTO.COM Jelitto Perennial Seeds has become a leader in the trade of perennial seeds. Jelitto is your one source for 3,900 varieties of Perennials, Native Wildflowers, Alpines, Ornamental Grasses and Herbs, breeding and producing seeds in over 20 countries worldwide. ROTH ASSOCIATES LANDSCApE ARCHITECTURE INC. Roth Associates Landscape Architecture Inc. is a full-service landscape architecture firm based in Waterloo, Ontario. VITAROOfS INTERNATIONAL INC. WWW.VITAROOfS.COM Vitaroofs, a pioneer in the eco roof industry with decades of experience, is proud to have completed the installation of over 1000 living roof systems in Canada, and has been actively involved in managing and overseeing living roof projects worldwide. Catering to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential building proprietors, Vitaroofs brings life and vitality to rooftops with a focus on sustainability and real economic benefits. http://WWW.GRASSCHOPPERLANDSCAPING.COM http://WWW.HKLA.CA http://WWW.VITAROOFS.COM http://WWW.GREENFIELDSAGRICULTURE.COM http://WWW.JELITTO.COM

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2013
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2013