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OSPE attends meeting with the
Ministry of Colleges and Universities
(MCU). The meeting was an
opportunity to discuss the pre-budget
submission, highlighting
recommendations focused on skill
development and training. OSPE
presented a brief outlining the
importance of supporting universities in
changing curriculum to adapt to new
economic realities.

OSPE Celebrates
P.Eng. Day in Ontario
OSPE members write, call, email
and tweet MPPs to support a motion to
declare March 1st #PEngDay in Ontario.
OSPE Acts on Gender Wage Gap
before Standing Committee
on Social Policy
OSPE shares analysis that gender wage
gap is up to 5% for women with 1-8 years of
engineering experience.
Bill 3, Pay Transparency Act, 2018 is
revised to ensure all publicly advertised job
postings include a salary rate or range.

OSPE hosts 10th annual Lobby Day and
MPP Reception
OSPE welcomed more than 35 Members of
Provincial Parliament (MPPs) from all
political parties to the release of the
Energy Task Force's latest report Retail
Electricity Price Reform: Path to Lower
Energy Bills and Economy-Wide CO2
Emission Reductions, including the
Honourable Greg Rickford, Minister of
Energy, Northern Development and Mines.
OSPE also met with NDP Energy and
Environment Critic, Peter Tabuns, to
discuss the report's findings.
OSPE's recommendations included in
new Construction Act taking
effect Oct 1, 2019.
Following years of consultation with OSPE,
the Government of Ontario's changes to
the Construction Act regarding new prompt
payments and adjudication processes, and
amendments related to liens against
municipalities came into effect.
OSPE hosts Federal Election Roundtable
and releases OSPE's Federal Strategy
On October 9, 2019, OSPE hosted its
Federal Election Roundtable, where our
Advocacy Task Forces and Committees
showcased a comprehensive National
Strategy that includes recommendations
regarding energy, climate change and the
environment, innovative technology,
infrastructure, and ways to increase the
number of underrepresented groups in
OSPE hosts The EDI Imperative:
Changing the Profile of STEAM in Canada
with more than 700 attendees in Ottawa,

OSPE meets with undergraduate
students at the University of Toronto
to speak to them about the importance
of becoming OSPE members and
getting involved in the profession.
Engineers respond to the Ministry of
the Environment, Conservation and
Park's consultation ERO 019 - 0987:
Amendment to the Record of Site
Condition (Brownfields) Regulation
related to the Requirement to Sample
Ground Water. OSPE believes it is
essential to ensure licensing bodies are
accountable for their respective licence
holders and that Qualified Persons
(QPs) are fully qualified.
OSPE attends annual meeting with
Public Services and Procurement
Canada to discuss the procurement
directorate update and accessible
OSPE meets with the Department of
Women and Gender Equality Canada
to discuss current work on advancing
the position of women and other
underrepresented groups in STEM.
Engineers participate in consultation
with the Workforce Windsor Essex
Women's Entrepreneurship Strategy.
The discussion focused on the
opportunities and barriers that women
in engineering face in their careers and
when looking to establish their path as
Engineers are invited to join the
Ontario Chamber of Commerce Data
Working Group to provide the
engineering perspective and expertise
on topics such as artificial intelligence,
data privacy, data portability,
cybersecurity, government data, and

OSPE CEO presents Pre
Budget-Submission to the Standing
Committee on Finance and Economic
Affairs. OSPE's presentation and
message was clear: Engineers create

OSPE attends consultative roundtable
with MP Julie Dzerowicz on future
workforce development. The federal
government's consultation examined
the skills and talent gaps that exist to
move Canada forward in economic
development, as well as the options
available and obstacles that exist to
access global talent.
OSPE attends Lobby Registry training
at the City of Toronto to ensure
compliance with updates made to the
OSPE meets with Ontario's Attorney
General, the Honourable Doug
Downey, the Ministry of Infrastructure,
and Infrastructure Ontario to discuss
the impact of rising insurance costs
for engineers. Ontario is now
considered a high-risk jurisdiction by
international insurance underwriters.
This has impacted engineers greatly,
causing a dramatic increase in
insurance costs and implications on
coverage. This impacts the ability of
small to medium sized engineering
companies to operate in the province,
debilitating economic growth. OSPE
also spoke the Attorney General about
the need for Regulatory Reform in the
engineering profession.
OSPE speaks with VP of Policy at the
Independent Electricity System
Operator (IESO) to discuss the need of
retail electricity pricing reform in

OSPE celebrates the third annual
P.Eng. Day, by engaging with Members
of Provincial Parliament to highlight the
important contributions and work
engineers do in Ontario. MPP Deepak
Anand and MPP Stan Cho both
delivered a message during the daily
question period to celebrate engineers.
OSPE participates in consultations
with multiple Deputy Ministers to
discuss infrastructure project funding
priorities and the development of the
future workforce. An invitation only
event focused on a consultation for a
shared vision for the next generation of
infrastructure, and the necessary skills
and talents needed from skilled trades
and design professionals to achieve
this vision.



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