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produced hand-painted silk scarves from Bangladesh. She created her business to give artisans a platform to showcase their talent on a global scale without subjecting them to inhumane working conditions. “The potential of handmade production is often overlooked due to the focus on fast fashion where unfair wages, adverse working conditions, environmental pollution, excessive use of water and creation of waste is often the consequence,” she writes.

Maayan Ziv
Master of Digital Media ’15 Maayan is a Torontobased photographer and entrepreneur. Last year, she launched AccessNow, an app that maps out accessible locations in cities around the world, for which she was recognized with the David C. Onley Leadership in Accessibility Award.

Marc Serpa Francoeur and Robinder Uppal
Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media ’13 Marc and Robinder produced an interactive documentary titled The World in Ten Blocks that premiered at Hot Docs. The film explores the neighbourhood of Bloorcourt in Toronto and the stories of immigrant Canadians who have opened business there. Marc and Robinder have been friends since the fourth grade; they began collaborating on filmmaking projects in high school, with projects in India, Latin America and Portugal.


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In memoriam

James Richard Breuls
Electrical Power Option ’78 James died in December 2016. As a youth, he was interested in building radios and rebuilding motorcycles and was a chemistry lab assistant in high school. His career included working at high tech companies Rogers, Black and MacDonald, Sperry-Univac, and Hymopac for more than 33 years where he maintained complex state-of-the-art printing and package-making machines.

Joan (Webber) Carter
Journalism ’61 Joan died last summer at her home in Fredericton, N.B., where she had moved to be close to her son. She had worked at several Ontario newspapers, then for the University of Athabasca and the University of Windsor.

Gladys Doyle
Former switchboard operator Gladys died Feb. 3. She was just 17 when Ryerson’s Principal Howard Kerr hired her as the first switchboard operator in 1952. At the time, she handled a plug-in board with eight outside lines and 30 extensions. She retired in 1999 and holds one of the longest service records at 48 years.

Gladys Doyle was Ryerson’s first switchboard operator.

Kenneth Hack
Retail Management ’52 Ken died Nov. 12. He spent the majority of his career in senior management at Sealcraft, a family-owned company. A proud Ryerson alumnus, Ken’s fondest memories were as a cast member of RIOT. His wife Joyce (Shepperd) Hack is a Fashion '53 alumna, daughter-in-law Charmaine Hack is the university registrar, and two of his eight grandchildren are currently studying at Ryerson.

August Kloppenburg
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering ’62 August died January 20. He was incredibly proud of his time as a Dofasco employee for more than 30 years, and loved his family time at Pigeon Lake.

Harry Alexander Pellow
Architecture ’62 Harry died Dec. 13. He was a distinguished architect and a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. As a partner with Parkin Architects Engineers and Planners, he worked on noteworthy projects such as the Toronto International Airport’s Terminal Two, Four Seasons Sheraton on Queen Street and the Westin Hotel on Richmond Street. He later formed Pellow + Associates Architects Inc.

42 Ryerson University Magazine / Summer 2017