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tr a v e l from snorkling to shovelling in 24 hours sTORY And PhOTO gRAPhY BY JAmEs hOdgins tanding in the airport waiting to go through Canadian Customs, i turn to my wife and ask, “Are you rocking back and forth, too?” it takes awhile to get used to dry land after sailing the ocean for seven days. i went from sailing the British Virgin islands to shovelling (^%$#@#$ ) snow in less than 24 hours. My wife, Jocelyne, and i, along with my business partner, Rob, his wife, tina, and their daughter, Danielle, chartered a 44-foot catamaran to sail around the BVi last January. the catamaran was crewed by Capt. Douglas Moody, with first mate Wendy Betts and their two dogs, Willis and Rollie. We met Doug and Wendy in tortola and started our vacation with dark clouds and heavy rain. We quickly learned it was going to rain from time to time, but that it wasn’t going to be an all-day thing, just some occasional squalls (as the sailing folk call it). Our catamaran was equipped with everything we needed: food, drinks, snorkel equipment, fishing rods, kayaks, beds, and heads. Oh yes, the heads (toilettes for the non-sailing folk). We immediately pulled anchor and headed off to Norman island to do some snorkeling. Armed with my trusted Canon A75 point-and-shoot camera (with underwater housing), i immediately jumped into the blue ocean with delight (it was minus 30 C back home). Wow, not even on the catamaran for two hours and already we were in the water exploring. After we quenched our swimming thirst, we headed off to overnight at peter island. i am not sure if it was the easy swaying of the boat or the fresh air coming into our room from the port hatch, but sleeping on the catamaran was refreshing. On Monday we sailed to the Baths where there are giant boulders along a sandy beach. it is possible to walk in between these rocks as they are piled on top of each other creating small Rum was a slinging, tunes were a singing, and good times were had by all. caverns and caves. this was a great place as it had everything for a great excursion: snorkeling and swimming, sandy beaches and adventurous exploring. that evening, we headed off to saba Rock to catch an amazing sunset, snag a cool beverage, and capture some amazing images. the next day we were off to the Marina Cay for some much-needed water. it seems us northern folk drink a lot of coffee. We decided to overnight at the Cay and catch Michael Bean’s “hAppY ARRRR” show. Rum was a slinging, tunes were a singing, and good times were had by all. this one-man band is one for the entertainment books. 56 Sudbury Living Winter 2008

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