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Riby points out that RAIL
is a 1.2m linear profile that
has three full-range drivers
built inside. The line offers a
choice of four combinations
of optics - symmetrical,
symmetrical + optical spot,
asymmetrical, diffused -
plus the possibility of housing
a low-voltage electrified
track with projectors.
He notes the product line
also offers multiple installation
options such as recessed
semi-recessed, ceiling
and suspended.
" The ceiling, suspended
and wall-mounted versions
can also provide indirect
lighting with a constant
color temperature or RGB+W
light, " comments Riby.
" Where audio is crucial,
all the mounting options
guarantee optimal sound
diffusion, including the
recessed version that provides
a small gap on each
side of the RAIL which has
been designed and studied
in detail in order not to
compromise the acoustic
performance. "
To this point the KScape
product line complements
residential environments
that range from kitchens to
multimedia rooms, and commercial
spaces that include
retail business and museums.
Riby says that the company's
research attracted it
to the DALI (Digital Addressable
Lighting Interface)
protocol, which started in
Europe and is rapidly gaining
acceptance in America and
as a global standard for
lighting control. DALI is a
two-way communications
protocol that sends concepro.com
and communications
between the components
within a lighting system.
Using the protocol for
its lighting products, Riby
says each RAIL product
can have as many as four
channels of DALI to control
items such as indirect, direct,
optical spotlights and
projectors for individual
control of these devices.
" Providing the user with
full control on lighting
scenes, and combined with
music, you can create the
most incredible immersive
experiences, " he states.
" Casambi is just one product
that RAIL uses to provide
complete control of the
channels via Bluetooth,
Lutron, Crestron and Control4
so users at home can
intuitively create their own
immersive experiences at the
touch of a button. "
Riby adds that through
the combination of audio,
lighting and industrial design,
dealers can use RAIL as a
conversation starter with
their clients.
" A simulation of RAIL-
when compared to a scalable
solution of ceiling speakers
and separate comparable
light fixtures has proven
significant savings on wiring,
shipping, labor, product
costs and has proven to be
35% more energy efficient,
25% on product costs, and
52% less for labor/wiring
costs, " he says. " The combination
of audio and light into
one high quality solution
also means that there is a
more streamlined service for
project design, installation
and maintenance. "
Vantage Enters into
Partnership with
Colorbeam Lighting
has announced its Vantage brand is continuing to strengthen
its strategic partnerships, which now includes an alliance with
Colorbeam Lighting.
The alliance pairs Vantage's customizable lighting controls
with Colorbeam's low-voltage fixtures, as well as its linear and
landscape lighting products.
Specializing in true tunability, RGBWW, and wellness-specific
products, the combined Colorbeam-Vantage solution will
effectively control high-quality lighting solutions in residential,
commercial and hospitality settings, according to Legrand.
" The lighting market has never had more options to fit a
customer's style and their lighting environment needs, "
says Amy Hahne, president of Vantage, at Legrand, North
America. " Partnering with Colorbeam is our way of making
it easier for installers to deliver exceptional lighting solutions
that integrate with Vantage's LHUMAN system and
keypads. From fixture to control, they can craft the perfect
lighting scenario. "
Paired with the Vantage LHUMAN human-centric
lighting control system, the newly released Colorbeam
HEKA LED chipset will deliver to integrators an advanced
wellness lighting solution that combines Vantage's control
keypad offering with Colorbeam fixtures and lighting
products. Legrand emphasizes the collaboration will offer
resellers, designers, specifiers, and end users a flexible,
high-performance lighting solution.
To further enhance the alliance, the companies have created
the 5+5+5 Dealer Profit Promotion (DPP). Through the
DPP, projects featuring both Vantage and Colorbeam Lighting
products will receive a 5% discount from both brands when
an order is placed.
In addition, Colorbeam will offer resellers another 5% to
apply toward demo/showroom products. The promotion runs
through Dec. 31, 2022, and applies to all projects during the
promotional period. To qualify for the promotion, projects
must be registered by dealers or their sales representatives.
" The lighting fixture is only part of the equation when
building a transformative lighting experience, " adds Mike
Teolis, president of Colorbeam Lighting. " This partnership
represents our commitment and confidence in providing our
customers with Vantage's unrivaled easy-to-program lighting
control systems and sleek keypads. Together, they deliver an
end-to-end solution that will fit any space and the well-being
of its occupants. "
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