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Vivint Unveils New Suite of Surveillance Cameras
VIVINT SMART HOME has unveiled a slate of private-label
products aimed at enhancing its already strong position in the
smart home installation market. The lineup of company-branded
equipment includes a new Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor
Camera Pro, Spotlight Pro and Indoor Camera Pro.
" Our goal has always been to take the guesswork out of
smart home and deliver an experience that takes living in a
smart home to the next level, " says Jim Nye, chief product
officer at Utah-based Vivint, which is the No. 2 company in the
2022 CE Pro 100.
" These products are a direct result of listening to homeowners
and innovating solutions that solve real-world challenges
to bring them peace of mind. Coupled with our professional
installation, continuous monitoring and 24/7 customer support,
Vivint is making it easier than ever for our customers to affordably
make their homes even smarter and more secure. "
A new feature coming to the suite of products is an upgrade
to a proprietary computer vision chip (CVC). The new CVC adds
greater intelligence to the line of cameras, allowing for improved
person and object detection, as well as enhancing the Smart
Deter capabilities of Vivint's cameras.
The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is the next iteration of
Vivint's AI-powered video doorbell that intelligently detects
packages. It provides a 180 x 180-degree lens for a wide field
of view, two-way talk, Smart Deter with a 90dB speaker, and
Smart Clips to record the video. New features include an
on-camera encrypted SD card that provides improved performance
and continuous, 24/7 monitoring and recording; and
upgraded camera sensor with improved HDR for better color
The Spotlight Pro comes with customizable options controllable
from the Vivint app, including a setting to control
which LED bulbs are illuminated.
accuracy and low-light video performance.
The Vivint Spotlight Pro is a new accessory designed for the
new Outdoor Camera Pro. It uses the camera's technology
to activate lighting and dynamically adapt based on what the
camera is seeing. When attached, Spotlight Pro uses all of the
features of the new Outdoor Camera Pro with an added Deter
Mode feature. When active in Deter Mode, Spotlight Pro can
detect people on the property, shine a spotlight on them, and
follow them to let them know they are visible. If a person lingers
too long, Spotlight Pro will escalate to a more dramatic lighting
effect to deter potential thieves.
The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro has the features of the previous
generation, plus highlights such as new audio analytics that
will monitor for glass breaks or existing smoke and CO2 detectors
and alert the smart home panel and the user if an alarm is
detected; and Privacy Mode setting so the camera can be set to
only record when the smart home system is set to " away/arm. "
Somfy Technology Integrates with Alarm.com Ecosystem
SOMFY, a global manufacturer
of motors for interior
window coverings and exterior
solar protections, has
announced its integration
with Alarm.com.
This enables North
American Alarm.com dealers
to use the TaHoma Gateway
for added security in
their homes or businesses
through integrated remote
control automation of awnings,
pergolas and interior
window shades plus natural
light management.
With Somfy's technology,
Alarm.com can offer
another layer of protection
to customers and elevate
the smart home experience
with automatic scenes and
schedules. TaHoma Gateway
communicates with devices
using Radio Technology
Somfy (RTS), the company's
exclusive control platform.
The device fits seamlessly
into the Alarm.com ecosystem
for homes, apartments
and commercial spaces.
" By integrating Somfy
with Alarm.com's ecosystem,
homeowners can add a new
layer of customization to
their home that is convenient
to use with a seamless
connection, " says Brittany
Mier y TerĂ¡n, partnership and
CI channel manager, Somfy
North America. " Somfy's full
line of remote-controlled
products provides added
privacy and security to any
home or commercial space
when integrated with Alarm.
com, with the added feature
of natural light management
and increasing the energy
efficiency of any space. "
For example, a " leaving
home " scene can lower
the shades, switch off the
lights, and enable the alarm
system, all with one button
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