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CE Pro: What is the most
important thing integrators
can do in terms of
their ordering, inventory,
etc., to improve their own
supply chain situation?
MENNA: Many customers
do not maintain warehouses
and often buy per job to increase
cash flow. But with the
current supply chain situation,
we are encouraging customers
to buy now and stock
up on their most installed
solutions. This can help ensure
they have the products
they need, and may minimize
any additional price increases
from inflation. And as
forecasting remains key, we're
working very closely with our
customers to forecast their
needs, and help them secure
the right products.
In today's market, being
educated and open to
alternative products and
solutions can be extremely
helpful. ADI carries products
from more than 700 suppliers,
providing a wide array of
choices. Customers can lean
on our team to help them
learn about alternative product
options, and utilize our
Systems Design Support and
Herman Integration Services
for help with job specification
or on the actual installation.
It's times like this that
partnering with the right
distributor becomes even
more important. Integrators
should think of their distributor
as an extension of their
team, and encourage them
to get our team involved as
early as possible.
Lastly, communication
across the supply chain
remains vital, and integrators
should be transparent with
the end customer so they
understand that there may
be delays, and can accurately
set expectations.
CE Pro: How would you
scale the supply chain situation
today versus this exact
time last year and why?
JASO: I would say very
similar to this time last year;
however, we now know how
to handle the issues better.
CE Pro: What is the most
Lighting BOSS
CE Pro: What specific
procedures have you implemented
to help alleviate
the supply chain crisis for
RYAN JASO: We have
invested heavily in an ERP
system to ensure we are
maintaining correct inventory
levels and quintupled
our typical inventory levels
so we do not run into any
issues. We also communicate
heavily with our customer
base the second we know
of anything and offer many
alternatives if possible.
Because we offer an array of
products, we are usually able
to find another sufficient
CE Pro: Have you
implemented contactless
payment for integrators?
JASO: Yes, absolutely.
Hasn't everyone?
CE Pro: When do you
foresee the supply chain
crisis subsiding?
JASO: Honestly anyone's
guess is as good as mine. As
a company we just have to
prepare for the worst and try
to be the best resource we
can for our customers.
important thing integrators
can do in terms of
their ordering, inventory,
etc., to improve their own
supply chain situation?
JASO: Plan ahead, yet set
proper expectations for their
clients (that certain products
may take much longer to
receive than expected).
to help them get that final
check. We're fortunate to
have other verticals of our
company with relationships
that have really given us the
opportunity to take distribution
in our channel to the ....
yes, Next Level.
CE Pro: Have you
implemented contactless
payment for integrators?
as well as many other procedures
to keep our employees
and customers safe. We've
established 24-hour pickup
rooms in our branches to
ensure our dealers are able
to take care of their clients
24/7. Next Level has put
together an incredible team
to advance and streamline
many of our practices that
we feel would be cutting
edge for our channel. We're
also excited to continue our
sustainability efforts to ship
all orders carbon neutral.
Next Level Distribution
CE Pro: What specific
procedures have you implemented
to help alleviate
the supply chain crisis for
We are a " dealer-first "
distributor. It was imperative
for us to ensure that our
customers we're being taken
care of and make it through
the supply chain crisis.
We've worked very hard
to show the same loyalty
and support that they've
given to us over the 30 years
we've been in business.
Whether that be extending
terms on credit accounts
to extensive research to
find alternative solutions
CE Pro: When do you
foresee the supply chain
crisis subsiding?
GARIJANIAN: Unfortunately,
it's completely out
of our hands so it's difficult
to predict. That's why it's
important for us to continue
to find new ways to
fit needs while innovating,
differentiating and diversifying
ourselves in distribution.
Our 100,000-square-foot
facility in Atlanta and brandnew
facility in Chicago gives us
the opportunity to purchase
heavy in these times to
support our four business
units which include CI, 12V,
independent dealers and
retail. Our legacy CI/12V
business is how we grew into
July 2022 CE Pro | 41

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