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ADI Opens New Global
Headquarters in NY
ADI GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION, a Resideo company and
wholesale distributor of security, AV and low-voltage products,
announced it has opened its new global headquarters
and welcomed the team's recent return to office. Located
just a few miles from its previous headquarters in Melville,
N.Y., the new ADI Support Center site was designed to foster
innovation and encourage a collaborative work environment.
The new office, at 275 Broadhollow Road, Suite 400, Melville,
N.Y., is the home to approximately 120-plus ADI team
members across numerous departments including marketing,
operations, finance, IT and more.
Occupying the fourth floor of the building, the
30,000-square-foot area features floor-to-ceiling windows
and houses a variety of spaces including individual workstations,
meeting rooms, huddle spaces, wellness rooms, a stateof-the
art training room and kitchen area. Additional building
amenities available to ADI team members include an onsite
cafeteria, fitness center and electric car charging stations.
give service teams on the front line quick access to the tools
and customer information they need to deliver high levels of
service. OneVision states the new version includes a streamlined
user interface and an overall increase in performance.
The app was developed to serve as an extension of OneVision's
standalone ProVision software, which acts as a central
hub for managing service operations. The company adds that
the enhanced app complements its service and RMR generation
Areas in which the app can assist integrators include support
items such as placing critical client information, as well as
client site documentation and other service-related aspects,
at service teams members' fingertips, the company says.
Dorrance Supply Company
Extends Geographic Coverage
CATALYST AV HAS has announced member Dorrance
Supply Company is expanding its Mid-Atlantic territory to
provide distributor network brands to dealers in Eastern
Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C.,
and Southern New Jersey.
" The Mid-Atlantic has been our fastest growing territory
over the last two years, and we are excited to be able to
add the Catalyst AV brands to our product assortment in
this area. Dealers will now be able to order brands like Rapid
Video Mount, IC Realtime, Rapid AV Connect and Metra AV
along with other brands Dorrance has to offer. This truly is
a win-win for our dealers, " says John Dorrance, president,
Dorrance Supply Company.
Dorrance Supply Company is a third-generation family
owned and operated business, founded in 1947 that also
services Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana,
Kentucky, and Michigan.
ADI's new global headquarters is in Melville, N.Y., and the
Support Center features environmentally sustainable design.
The company's new Melville Support Center features
an environmentally sustainable design with eco-friendly
lighting with natural light, LED bulbs, motion sensors and
fixtures crafted from recycled cardboard, an energy-efficient
heating and cooling system, reusable products, water-conserving
plumbing fixtures, refillable water stations, energy
star appliances, recycle stations and more.
OneVision Updates ProVision
Ticketing App
ONEVISION RESOURCES has launched the latest version
of its ProVision Ticketing App. The Boston-based systems
integrator support specialist says its new app is designed to
Nationwide Offers Free
Centerpoint Tool Access
website partners Site on Time (SOT) and Retailer Web
Services (RWS) to provide free access to Centerpoint, a
tool that connects retailers' point-of-sale (POS) data with
their websites to give shoppers real-time line of sight into
product inventory and pricing information.
Nationwide Marketing Group has made Centerpoint available
free to its members who have a Level 4 website and are
sharing POS data.
At launch, Centerpoint will integrate with a number of Nationwide
POS providers, including Furniture Wizard Software,
Myriad Software, Smartwerks, and STORIS. Nationwide is also
working to onboard EPASS Software.
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