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the application needs.
" There's also a big disconnect
from so-called experts
who often make just generalizations
about the deployment
of IAQ, " says Lobdell.
" For example, it's not even
possible to install a HEPA filter
inline in 65% to 70% of all
applications without doing a
major overhaul of a system.
So it's irresponsible for socalled
experts to say that. "
Lobdell says the building
envelope, square footage,
ceiling height, number of air
exchanges, quality of the
outside air, and other factors
need to be examined for
inline IAQ deployments.
" You have to look at it
from an overall building
standpoint, " he notes, adding
that in 95% of whole-building
inline IAQ filtration
installations the entire HVAC
system needs to be replaced.
That can often entail a high
price tag, which is why the
combination of an inline
system along with portable
to handle localized areas is
often the best solution.
" You have to know how
the building is heating and
cooling the space, as well as
how much fresh air is being
brought in from the outside, "
explains Lobdell. " Well,
there's no such thing as
fresh air in cities with poor
air quality such as Shanghai.
You could be exchanging
air from the outside that is
exacerbating the indoor air
quality. You need to understand
the space, including
offering localized solutions
when necessary where more
people tend to congregate
to remove the smallest
particulates. You can have
18 | CE Pro March 2022
all the air exchanges in the
world but if you are not
capturing the small particulates
that range between 0.6
and 1.2 microns, you are not
achieving anything. "
3. Combining Inline and
Localized IAQ Systems
Is a Good Idea
According to Lobdell, a standard
inline IAQ system is able
to change the air in a space
only about two to three
times per hour. That's why a
combination of inline and localized
solutions is important
to be most effective.
" Localized solutions give
an indoor space means more
potential respiratory droplets
can be spread in the air. So
while a whole-house system
can do a great job filtering
outdoor pollutants that may
enter the home, " the more
you can localize your solution
and add to the number
of sources of filtration, the
better, " he says.
" You want to tackle the
problem as close to people as
possible. A source of filtration
that is carrying the air all the
way across the room to reach
the filter may not do anything
with regards to helping
stop contagion along the
" Consumers need to understand
that any product they buy may
say, 'HEPA-rated filter,' but that
has nothing to do with the actual
efficiency of that product in
terms of total device output
and efficiency. "
-Paul Scialla, founder/CEO, Delos
you the added air changes
per hour to get the intended
result, " says Lobdell. " For
example, if you add more
people to a space, no matter
how good that filtration is
you're never going to be able
to get the air exchanges and
scrub that air six to eight
times per hour. That's why
a combination of a really
good high-efficiency inline
air cleaning system with a
mobilized high-efficiency,
high-level air cleaning system
- not just a filter in a box
- is needed to achieve the
best results. "
Scialla agrees, noting that
the more people there are in
way. So localized, standalone
filtration is always going to
do a great job of drastically
increasing the elements of
reduction in terms of indoor
aerosolized particle transmission, "
adds Scialla.
4. IAQ Standards
Exist for Filtration
Contrary to common belief,
there are several standards
that integrators can look
for in the IAQ products
they select.
Developed in 1998, the EN
1822 standard establishes
a procedure to determine
ventilation and filtration
efficiency based on a method
that counts the number of
particles. Working with an
independent lab, Healthway
has tested its solution to
the standard, which not only
addresses the quality of the
filter but also the entire system
design to ensure there
are no ways for the air to
bypass the filtration system.
5. Integrators Are
Key to IAQ Solutions
" The role integrators play in
IAQ is crucial, " says Lobdell.
" No one owns the air quality
space so there's a huge
opportunity. The HVAC companies
have been out there
forever, and we found that
most HVAC providers are really
only interested in heating
and cooling people's homes.
HVAC companies have done
a poor job of serving the user,
especially with a high-level
solution, which is the focus
area for custom integrators.
IAQ just ties in perfectly with
what they are already used
to doing. "
Scialla echoes those
comments, noting, " This is
a massive opportunity for
integrators to increase the
IAQ dialog and the service.
Traditionally, putting smart
home equipment into a
client's project has been
centered around convenience
and safety with gear
like alarms, door locks, AV
and lighting controls. The
opportunity here is to bring
front and center a true
dialogue that matters: the
human condition. Good air
quality monitoring, remediation
and installation can
be and should be part of
an integrator's catalog of
services. "

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