CE Pro March 2024 - 18

Paul Williams
Managing Director of Home
Management Business Unit, Nice
You were recently promoted to managing director of
Nice's Home Management Solutions Business Unit;
briefly, what are the goals of this newly created division?
We recently organized the company into a matrix with four
main business units (Gate, Garage Door, Sun Shading, and
Home Management Solutions). Our goal is to establish
cohesive, worldwide commercial and product strategies to
ensure each business unit is aligned in driving the company's
growth, revenue, and strategic plans.
Each of these units has a Managing Director that oversees
these respective areas. The Home Management Solution
Business Unit is responsible for all smart home, security and
surveillance, and access control products and solutions.
This unit also oversees the accompanying customer mobile
application experiences, with which customers interact and
integrate our connected gate, garage door, and sun shading
products into our home management experience.
My team and I have specific goals to further develop a
strategy that provides solutions for the connected home,
from the entry level to the luxury space and all spaces in-between,
wherever those spaces are in the world.
What are some trends you're seeing that might drive
the Home Management Solutions' product development
in 2024?
AI is one that's impossible to avoid. We believe AI will be at
the forefront of the next generation of home management
solutions. Spaces that can learn aspects of consumer behavior
like occupancy and activity at a personalized level to then
anticipate and deliver experiences without direct interaction
can take us from " control " solutions to " automated " solutions.
This will allow customers to have highly personalized experiences
that also evolve as their behavior and usage changes.
This is an exciting future that we believe isn't too far off.
Energy management is another important trend. Whether
a customer is looking to save energy costs or wants to have
a lower impact on the climate, managing energy consumption
within the home continues to influence customer
purchase behavior. If you are a consumer wanting to reduce
your energy consumption, short of just turning everything
off that consumes power, you have a hard and tedious road
ahead of you without solutions that can monitor and report
18 | CE Pro March 2024
usage and can automatically " load shed. " Without these
solutions and with so many variables, trial and error just isn't
a feasible way to track your energy savings.
Nice recently completed transitioning legacy brands
such as Elan and SpeakerCraft under the Nice branding,
how has that impacted the company?
Brand changes can be challenging. We didn't take this
change lightly, and it came with a great deal of responsibility
to our integrators and our customers.
Our goal is for the Nice brand to be one that not only our
integrators recognize and know, but also one that has equal
awareness among customers. This becomes complex when
you talk about multiple brands, versus one brand, being
Nice. This ultimately helps our integrators as they approach
and attract new customers. A year into the process, it has
positively impacted our company.
" We believe AI ... will
allow customers to have
personalized experiences
that evolve as their behavior and
usage changes. "
Last year, Nice introduced the Sun Shades smart shading
line. What differentiates Nice's offering from others?
This was an exciting release for us! What many people may
not know is that Nice has been manufacturing sun shading
motors since the early 1990s. In fact, our motors are used
in many of the existing shading products that integrators
use. It made sense for us to not only continue providing the
industry with our motor solutions, but to also offer an endto-end
Quiet operation, hem bar alignment, custom fabrics, and
flexible install options (wireless, wired, RF, etc.) are excellent
competitive advantages. What sets us apart is our ability to
manufacture automated shading for very difficult window
shapes and applications such as single peak and double peak
windows, skylights, top-down, glass-to-glass corners, along
with a full line of outdoor shading products.

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