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RTI Hires Veteran Jordan as Chief Product Officer
automation manufacturer RTI
has announced that Mike Jordan
has joined the company
as chief product officer.
RTI points out the industry
veteran will report to CEO Joe
Roberts, and in his new role,
Jordan will oversee product
development activities to
help the company deliver
high-performance products
and solutions for the residential
custom installation and
commercial AV markets.
" We welcome Mike to the
RTI team and look forward
to his vision and leadership, "
comments Roberts. " Not
only does Mike bring a history
of success in the channel,
but he shares our deep commitment
to the commercial
and residential integrators
who install our products. We
look forward to his leadership
as we develop and execute
the road map that builds
our control and automation
footprint worldwide. "
With over 12 years of
industry experience, Jordan is
known for leading productive,
successful product teams. For
the past five years, he was
the senior vice president of
products at Snap One, which
includes leadership of the
Control4 product line. Prior
to Snap One, Jordan held a
similar role at Core Brands,
where he worked with Roberts,
who was president of
the company at the time.
" I look forward to working
with Joe again as well as
with our founder and CTO,
Kevin Marty, and the entire
RTI team to develop unique
solutions focused on solving
our integrator and distributor
partners' needs in all our
global markets, " Jordan says.
" We are well-positioned
with our current hardware
and software products to create
substantial opportunities
U-Tec Unveils Matter-over-Thread
Smart Lock & Smart Home Ecosystem
SMART HOME PRODUCT manufacturer U-Tec is releasing
the next generation of its Ultraloq Bolt series of smart locks
with a Matter fingerprint edition, becoming one of the first
smart Wi-Fi deadbolt locks compatible with Matter and with
support for Matter-over-Thread.
Debuting at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the
Bolt Fingerprint Matter offers a six-in-one unlocking
experience and multilayered security
and integrates with Matter to create a unified
smart home ecosystem, the Union City, Calif.-based
company says.
The lock can integrate with smart home
platforms such as Google Home, Samsung
SmartThings, Apple Home or Amazon Alexa, and
the Matter over Thread technology means it can
integrate with various other smart home devices.
In addition, the lock can be controlled with
The Ultraloq Bolt smart
locks integrate with
various platforms and
six methods, such as fingerprint recognition,
passcodes, mobile app and backup keys.
" We are proud to work with Matter to launch this
life-changing digital experience for consumers that lets
them integrate their Ultraloq smart locks with other Matter
compatible devices into users' daily routines, " says Clark Ruan,
vice president of U-Tec, in a statement.
22 | CE Pro March 2024
At CES, U-tec also showcased its newly announced U home
platform, which the company calls a smart home security and
automation ecosystem that includes the Ultraloq system.
However, the ecosystem also includes the company's smart
lighting system Bright, the AI security camera
Ulticam, and smart plugs and switches.
The U home platform is paired with the U
home mobile app, which can turn the system
into a smart home control tool. The app can
control Ultraloq smart locks as well as the
company's line of lights, plugs, switches and
cameras. It is also compatible with Apple
Home, Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings.
These devices will also support Matter for
even more interoperability, according to U-Tec.
The new devices were scheduled to be available
for purchase last month.
" As we transition from standalone smart
devices towards interconnected smart systems, we see a
future with greater integration of multiple devices that are
linked by a central platform, " Ruan says. " Powered by AI, and
machine learning, U home is designed to enable seamless
interconnectivity across smart devices, empowering users to
create a more comfortable and enjoyable daily life. "
Mike Jordan previously
held similar posts at Snap
One and Core Brands.
across all verticals. The team
and I are already working on
new solutions to help our
partners consistently win new
business and deliver exceptional
experiences for their
clients. I am excited to be at
RTI; the future is bright. "

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