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Networking+Home Control
Abode Edge Wi-Fi Camera
Covers Super-Long Range
ABODE SYSTEMS, a provider
of DIY smart security products,
has announced a powerful
new smart security camera.
The Adobe Edge Camera was
developed in tandem with
Xailient, a provider computer-based
AI technologies, and
Morse Micro, a Wi-Fi HaLow
silicon vendor, creating a truly
impressive offering with a 1.5mile
The West Coast manufacturer
states that the Wi-Fi
HaLow technologies can
overcome the limitations of
traditional Wi-Fi by operating
on narrow frequency
bands that enables the
camera's wireless signals to
penetrate obstacles and
deliver connectivity in a
range of settings, including
noisy environments. Abode
Systems emphasizes these
benefits offer 10x the range,
100x the coverage area, and
1,000x the volume of traditional
Wi-Fi technologies.
Upon release, Abode Systems
boasts the Abode Edge
Camera will be the first Wi-Fi
Certified HaLow camera
with plug-and-play features
to seamlessly connect to an
existing Wi-Fi home network.
" Nearly every home
security camera is facing the
wrong direction, " says Chris
Carney, founder and CEO of
Abode Systems. " Technology
constraints have limited
home security cameras in
two major ways: a field of
view that remains fixed and
facing away from the home
and rampant connectivity
issues if the camera is
deployed too far away. In
nearly all of these cases,
that leaves what matters
most - the home - completely
out of frame or with
an offline camera. "
Other features include
a 6,000 mAh rechargeable
lithium-ion battery that is
capable of battery life up to
one year on a single charge,
and an integrated PIR motion
sensor that, in combination
with AI detection,
alerts the camera to activity
that triggers the recording
of critical events. When
motion is not detected, the
camera automatically enters
into a deep sleep mode.
The camera also integrates
with any existing Abode
home security system while
also being deployable as a
standalone solution.
To support the launch,
Abode also announced
the introduction of a new,
single-camera Video Plan
designed to help maximize
coverage. It provides
AI-enabled Smart Detect,
on-demand live view, and
up to 10 days of timeline
from which captured video
clips can be viewed and
Abode Systems says
its new camera delivers
10x the range and 100x
the coverage area
of traditional Wi-Fi
downloaded. The Abode
single-camera video plan
will be available to users for
$3.99 per month.
To support deployment of
more than one camera, the
Abode Standard Plan provides
the 10-day timeline to
view and download recorded
clips, live viewing, and AI-enabled
Smart Detect across
unlimited cameras for $6.99/
Alarm.com, Vivint Settle All Patent Litigation
ALARM.COM and Vivint
have settled all outstanding
litigation between the
smart home and security
companies and entered
into a long-term intellectual
property license agreement
under which Alarm.com will
license to Vivint its intellectual
property portfolio.
The announcement by the
companies provides no further
details of the settlement.
Alarm.com first filed the
lawsuit in January 2023,
alleging that Vivint Smart
Home products infringe
upon 15 patent patents
held by Alarm.com. Specifically,
the suit named Vivint
Doorbell Camera, Doorbell
Camera Pro, Outdoor
Camera Pro, Indoor Camera,
Car Guard, Sky Control and
Smart Hub as having functions
that violated Alarm.
com's patents.
The 76-page civil lawsuit,
which was filed by Alarm.
com and ICN Acquisition in
the U.S. District Court for
the Eastern District of Texas,
Marshall Division, on Jan. 4,
2023, asked for a jury trial,
an order requiring Vivint
to pay an ongoing royalty
to Alarm.com of a yet-tobe-determined
enhanced damages for up to
three times the actual damages,
plus attorney's fees.
In the lawsuit, Alarm.com
claimed much of Vivint's
success was due to Alarm.
com sharing its trade secrets
and patented technology
in 2009 to enable Vivint to
launch its Go!Control panel,
which was manufactured for
the company by 2GIG (now
Nice) based on specifications
provided by the company.
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