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Snap One Updates OvrC, Previews Control4 CORE Controllers
Snap One's OvrC remote
monitoring platform has been
a go-to solution for dealers
that want to streamline their
custom support efficiencies,
and in March the company
rolled out updates. The
company is adding OvrC Pro
options to the Control4 OS3
operating system without
the need for more hardware;
Snap One also previewed
new Control4 CORE Series
" As projects become
increasingly complex and
customer expectations
evolve, remote monitoring
and management is now
more important than ever, "
says Evan Marty, director
of product management at
Alliance Delays Matter Protocol
Release Until Fall
behind the Matter smart home interoperability protocol, has
delayed the release of the specification by until the fall of 2022.
CSA explains that because there are so many interested
parties, testing among all of them has become more complicated,
and the organization has decided to add another
testing event.
Announced in 2019 as " Project CHiP, " Matter is a unified
IP-based connectivity that aims to offer a standard universal
protocol for developers to build Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
The Alliance previously sought to release the standard in late
2020. This was then delayed to the second half of 2021, before
again being delayed until summer 2022.
When fully operational, Matter will allow devices from Apple,
Google, Samsung, Comcast and many other companies to work
together in a single smart home ecosystem. Using Matter, an
Amazon Echo speaker, Google Nest devices and GE smart lightbulbs
could all be controlled through the Google Home app.
This summer, the alliance will conduct a specification
validation event, which will provide data necessary for the
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first device certifications. It will include 130 devices from 50
companies. After the fall launch, devices will start the process
for Matter certification.
Orro Expands Third-Party
Lighting Capabilities
ORRO HAS ANNOUNCED new enhancements for its
third-party lighting control capabilities, including connections
to more switches, dimmers, plugs, outlets and lighting
systems from some big-name companies, including Lutron,
Leviton, TP Link and LIFX.
By detecting motion, sound and light, with its built-in
sensors, the control system can generate the proper amount
of light, while learning and adapting based on users' habits and
preferences. The results include healthier, human-centric lighting,
while reducing lighting usage by up to 80%, Orro says. In
addition, enhanced third-party features now extend those same
benefits and unified control via Orro's switches and smartphone
app to other connected systems and brands. " Whether it's the
main control system or part of a broader hybrid system, Orro
can add value to any project on any budget, " says head of channel
development Patrick Gall.
Snap One. " We know that
OvrC has become vital to the
success of businesses and
we're excited to share the
new updates that make the
ecosystem better, faster, and
more reliable. "
The integration of OvrC Pro
into OS3 provides integrators
with increased notification
accuracy and improved wireless
site management within
OvrC to offer dealers more
efficient workflow capabilities.
Besides the remote management
improvements to
Control4's OS3 operating
system, Snap One is also
introducing OS version 3.3.0.
The new OS version incorporates
a host of new options
that include a native lighting
color wheel user interface
to support the tuning ability
of lighting. Dealers can also
now create color presets for
their customers, and include
personalized lighting colors as
part of programmed scenes.
Homeowners using their
Control4 app or their touchscreens
can change the lighting
colors within their homes.
" Subtle changes in the
color of lighting in your
home can change the
mood and even add to your
well-being, " notes Margie
Meyers, principal product
manager at Snap One. " With
the addition of color control
and tunable white, all this
is possible in Control4. Our
beta partners have been
The latest Control4 OS3
update incorporates a
host of new options that
include a native lighting
color wheel user interface.
delighted by the versatility. "
Control4's upcoming CORE
Series controllers will feature
faster processors, more zones
of built-in audio, improved
digital-to-analog converters
(DACs), and a new 4K user
interface. The CORE products
will be available in three
versions. -Robert Archer

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