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Networking+Home Control
Ring Adds App
Support for ONVIFCompatible
for cameras that support ONVIF, a global standardization
initiative for IP-based physical security products.
Available as of late April, Ring customers with Ring Alarm
Pro and a Ring Protect Pro plan will be able to onboard select
ONVIF cameras to the Ring app for simple control and access
on one platform. ONVIF cameras must be able to stream at
1080p or lower and support H.264 encoding.
The integration will allow residential and business customers
to add an additional layer of security to their existing
ONVIF-compatible cameras, and gain access to features such
as Live View, Real-time Notifications, Event History and Timeline,
expanding Ring's capabilities outside of just Ring-built
devices, according to the company. Users can locally process
and store videos for ONVIF-compatible cameras and Ring
security cameras and doorbells.
" The ability for our neighbors to integrate their ONVIFcompatible
cameras into the Ring app is something I've been
excited about for a long time, " says Jamie Siminoff, chief inventor
and founder of Ring. " This will allow our many residential
and business customers who use these cameras to easily
link their existing systems within the Ring app, giving them
The latest rollout expands Ring's feature set to select
surveillance cameras.
greater peace of mind and the ability to use Ring technology
to help secure what's most important to them. "
Formed in 2008, the Open Network Video Interface
Forum (ONVIF) is open to manufacturers, software developers,
consultants, systems integrators, end users and other
interested groups.
The standard was created to provide and promote open
interfaces that in turn will increase freedom of choice for
end users.
ONVIF includes eight unique profiles to address different
areas of technology: Profile S for streaming video; Profile
G for recording and storage; Profile C for physical access
control; Profile Q for improved out-of-the-box functionality;
Profile A for broader access control configuration; Profile T for
advanced streaming; Profile M for metadata and events for
video analytics; and Profile D for access control peripherals.
Alula Debuts Verification Services & Messenger Feature
of smart security and system
communications for professional
alarm dealers, has
announced two new service
enhancements: Alarm Verification
Services and Alula
According to the company,
these new services enable
system owners to create
a community for real-time
response to system alerts
and alarms. Maintained by
the system owner, the notification
and response community
may include family
members and neighbors.
Community members may
act on alerts and alarms recepro.com
from detected intrusion
events and day-to-day
activities based on video clips
from integrated cameras. The
user's response team receives
real-time notifications and
communicates with other
members through the Alula
Smart Security App.
Warren Hill, Alula's vice
president of marketing,
points out the service enhancements
create a home
monitoring and control platform
capable of checking on
events that might include:
Inadvertent alarm
Temperature or water
leak alerts from inside
the home
Ensuring children arrive
home safely from school
Safety checks on
elderly adults living
" Both Alarm Verification
Services and Alula Messenger
enable system owners to
create an established support
community, " he says. " These
new tools enable community
members to quickly investigate,
collaborate and communicate
with each other
and their monitoring center. "
The enhancements help
reduce false alarms and the
related penalties imposed by
certain jurisdictions by verifying
actual alarms. System
users create and maintain
their lists, which greatly increases
the chances of them
remaining up to date.
Historically, the creation
and maintenance of lists
have fallen to alarm dealers
or monitoring centers, Hill
notes. Frequently, regular
updates were not made,
resulting in centers struggling
to locate the right people
responding to events.
These new features will
bundle with other Alula system
services and be available
exclusively through professional
alarm dealers and
system integrators.
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