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BelGioioso Enhances its
So Bag-to-Pan Easy!
With scratch-made results so fudgy, so
fast ... it'll be love at first bake. NEW
Krusteaz Professional Brownie Batter in
Land More Orders Per Customer
Get the same advantages as the
big chains without giving up your
independence. Nearly 20,000 restaurants
rely on Slice for tools and technology
that make every single customer more
valuable. Slice has everything your small
business needs: online ordering without
crazy fees, a built-for-pizza POS system,
loyalty marketing that gets 50% more
reorders, discounted supplies, and much
more. Visit or
text " Partner " to (201) 371-3097 to learn
a Bag helps operators serve fresh-baked
desserts in no time. Simply POUR. BAKE.
AMAZE!™ No training, no thaw time, no
mess. The batter bakes up fudgy with
a perfect paper top when popped in
a standard pizza impinger oven. With
such a flexible start, there are countless
ways for pizzerias to drive traffic and
boost check totals. Stir in toppings on
hand like bacon or pineapple. Bake in
various shapes and sizes for a point of
differentiation. Unopened bags have
a 10-month refrigerated shelf life and
baked product stores up to 4 days, tightly
wrapped. Request a sample:
Contact: (888) 840-7627,
Burke Corporation Launches New
Mexican-Inspired Toppings
Burke Corp. (Nevada, Iowa) a subsidiary
of Hormel Foods Corporation and
industry leader in foodservice fully
cooked meat toppings and ingredients,
announced the launch of new BURKE®
Mexican-Inspired Toppings. These bold
ingredients are available to foodservice
operators across the country and give
diners the adventurous flavors they
crave without adding back-of-house
complexity. The toppings are fully
cooked and ready to pack a powerful
punch of flavor to any dish. This new
product line includes Cooked Sausage
with Salsa Verde-Style Seasonings,
Beef Meatballs with Smoky Chipotle
Seasonings, Chicken Sausage with
Tinga-Style Seasonings, Pork & Beef
Meatballs with Albondigas-Style
Seasonings, Chorizo Sausage Crumbles
and Mexican-Style Beef Crumbles.
Inspired by the spirited flavors of
Mexico, these bold toppings can add
a delicious kick all across menus. To
request a sample, call (800) 654-1152
or visit
Restaurant Rewards Program
In an effort to support restaurant owners,
BelGioioso has recently renewed and
enhanced their Restaurant Rewards
Program. With the industry still
experiencing staff limitations and other
cost-related difficulties, the program
is designed to offer savings based on
qualifying purchases of BelGioioso
Cheeses. For the first time since its
launch in 2019, La Bottega BelGioioso
will also be included in the program
with a dedicated bonus to promote the
company's premium selection of artisan
cheeses. Also included in the program
is Burrata, a popular and trending fresh
cheese that was recently awarded the
Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards.
Committed to crafting high quality,
BelGioioso cheeses provide operators
the consistent quality they need for
their customers to enjoy. The 2022
program is for restaurants who purchase
through a distributor and any interested
operator is invited to submit their
application through their BelGioioso
sales representative or local broker.
BelGioioso Cheese is a family-owned and
operated company specializing in artisan
Italian cheesemaking. Using natural
ingredients and fresh, local Wisconsin
milk, Master Cheesemakers hand-craft a
full line of exceptional cheeses guided
by a commitment to quality and a respect
for tradition. At BelGioioso, every cheese
is a specialty.
The Standard for Smoked
Mozzarella Has Been Set!
Introducing Grande Fumella™, a one-of-akind
lightly smoked Part Skim Mozzarella
that will complement and enhance your
other ingredients without overpowering
them. This is a flavor your customers will
love! In fact, 4 in 5 prefer a lighter smoke
intensity making Fumella a surefire
hit for new menu ideas and repeat
customer visits1
. The Fumella Difference:
Complement and enhance the flavor
other ingredients; Excellent melt, stretch
and reheat; Versatile across your menu;
100% all natural with no preservatives,
fillers or artificial ingredients; Naturally
smoked with cherry and hickory wood;
and Pre-shredded to save time and labor.
To learn more about Grande's selection of
authentic Italian cheeses, call
(800) 847.2633 or visit us at
1Datassential Consumer Omnibus Study, January
Mike's Hot Honey - Extra Hot
Chef's Bottle
Mike's Hot Honey's signature chili-infused
honey, kicked up a notch with more
real chilis and about 10x the heat level
of the original. Extra Hot can be used
interchangeably with the original, but its
extra kick is particularly suited for pizza,
chicken, BBQ, marinades and cocktails.
Founded out of a pizzeria in Brooklyn in
2010, Mike's Hot Honey continues to be
one of the fastest growing pizza toppings
with best-selling featured pies on menus
nationwide. Now available in a 24oz
Chef's Bottle for foodservice through
your local distributor and DOT Foods. For
more information or to request a sample,
contact us at wholesale Visit us online at
Our Fresh Mozzarella is the Cherry
on Top of Your Salad
We offer a selection of fine Italian
cheeses for restaurants, and our
Cigliegini are the perfect addition to any
summer dish. Create an exquisite salad or
cold antipasto with our fresh mozzarella
bites. Drizzle them in sweet balsamic or
enjoy them on their own. Learn more
about Caputo's unique cheese solutions
at Call to request
your free sample at (708) 450-0074.
Joe D's Frozen Foods
At Joey D's, we are restaurateurs at
heart, so we understand what serving
a high-quality product means to you.
You want to serve only the best-- let us
help you achieve that. Joey D's is an
Artisanal family-owned business, and
we are passionate about quality. Tired of
the same old mediocre mozzarella stick?
Give us a try, and you will never go back
to your old sticks. Serve your customers
a product that you are proud of. Ask for
us by name at your preferred foodservice
distributor. Are you a larger chain looking
for something custom? We've got
you covered. For more information on
custom, one-of-a-kind products, contact
us at http://www.PIZZATODAY.COM

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