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Obviously, there are some projects that that's what they want. And
unfortunately, it does play an effect to where we put those stripes
and how we do the final layout. But ultimately, I think that the
sparkle effect is what is requested the most.
AMT: Piggy backing off of that, have you had any real standout
projects recently and why have they stood out?
Harbour: We just finished two global projects that left here with
full paint and interior work, and they wanted something completely
out of the ordinary. It was a mixture of gray metallic, red metallic and black all over; not a single ounce of white was found on
that aircraft at the end. It is simply stunning. It's definitely been a
showpiece for us, and it was a great way to kick off 2021.

Metallics in the sun give off that stunning
shimmer and shine and are a constant
fan favorite that continues to grow in
popularity among owners.
Traxler: We also did a project where the customer wanted it to look
like a dragon. So, it faded from a dark green into a charcoal and then
the entire tail was hexagons that looked like scales. Each one had
to be hand sprayed and faded individually. However, some of the
aircraft that show a lot of ramp presence are simple schemes, but
they've done custom colors that make the aircraft really beautiful.
We're working on one right now that won't deliver until summertime, but it's already getting a lot of attention, it has no white on
it at all. It's all metallic and two colors. Those are getting a lot of
popularity, getting away from the base white.
Kuhn: We've had a couple requests for full paint, full pearl or a
metallic paint cover. Many paint jobs have more than just a few
stripes; a lot of customers like that belly color, and then bringing it

up to the tail; just a lot of coverage for a darker, more rich dynamic
color. Additionally, we have had requests for carbon fiber painted
print patterns on whether it's a tail or a piece of the aircraft or even
the mask where it covers the windows, the flight deck windows
and then comes to a point somewhere on the body of their aircraft.
AMT: What new types of paint equipment or technology does
the industry offer and what are the benefits?
Voisin: As far as technology, I think it's about trying to come up
with environmental improvements so that we can drive down the
VOCs and the hazardous materials. It's also coming up with more
color solutions. We have to keep expanding and offer new things.
Then, coming up with process improvements...ways to put down
thinner films and faster. So, those are kind of the three arenas that
we really are trying to move the ball.
Harbour: I was just talking to our paint shop manager the other
day and he was mentioning trying to go more green. So, that would
entail chrome-free paint systems. Primer systems that have no
chrome or low chrome, getting away from aladine and hex-based
primers. I think that's something that they're trying to push towards.
AMT: Does anyone have any predictions that they can share
about what the future may have in store for the aircraft paint
Traxler: I think trends are hard to predict, especially in the aviation market. Somebody has to have the courage enough to put it
out there. And once people see it, they feel more comfortable doing
it. That is with interior or exterior. A lot of times it's the OEMs who
are setting trends for the aftermarket. But it just takes one person
to do something unique and for it to catch fire.
Voisin: The aviation market in general is conservative. Sometimes
can be one of the last to adopt new things. I think that has a lot to



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