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" People are going away from the solid
colors and want that " wow " factor. "
- Stephanie Kuhn, completions designer,
Duncan Aviation

do with the expense of the asset. " So, I'm going to go repaint my
car. " That doesn't cost as much as, " I need to go repaint my whole
airplane. " There is a huge dollar difference and a huge amount of
time and resources involved. We tend to follow other marketplaces;
maybe it's automotive, maybe it's the architectural market. We
tend to follow others because of that.

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Kuhn: We get a lot of requests for that sparkle effect and we're
getting more and more. People are going away from the solid colors
and want that " wow " factor. We do our best to steer them towards
more of a pearl versus metallics. If I had that crystal ball, it would
be to have products that would be available that gave that sparkly
effect...that give it that " wow " impression, but was safer for electronics and avionics. We wouldn't have to necessarily be considerate
of where we're laying out the stripes to avoid such areas that are
more sensitive than others. We usually come to the table with the
pearls. Most of the time, that satisfies the customer's needs, but
we're seeing more and more there are some customers that just want
a bigger punch. That's when we pull out the metallics, reluctantly.
But we also have to explain that these will be limited to where we
can paint them. So, if it's a small area or a stripe that we can avoid
those sensitive areas, then we do move forward with it. I'm hoping
someday that there would be some product out there that will give
them that same effect and yet allow us to be free with our designs.
AMT: Could you share a little bit of your process in creating
designs with clients to completion?
Traxler: A lot of times customers will show us pictures of stuff
they've seen on the ramp or on the internet and they'll say, " I like
this element of this one, but I like this element of this one. " And
then, we create a scheme that brings all the elements and aspects
that they like into one design. Sometimes we're working directly
with the end user and then sometimes we're working with the
director of maintenance who then who gives feedback between
there. Sometimes I don't have a paint scheme finalized until I say,



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