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to enhance the aircraft to suit their own
personal needs and tastes, " he said.
According to Meghan Welch, director of
paint and interior sales for Elliott Aviation,
jet owners typically seek an upgrade every
six to eight years. " There is wear and tear
over time and customers are also looking to
keep up with current design trends, " she said.
And what's trending now is the color
gray. " For a partial refurbishment, where
an aircraft starts off beige with gold
plating, we choose to incorporate warm
grays, " said Samantha Boyce, paint and
interior design sales associate for West
Star Aviation. " For the full refurbishment,
we see more cool grays with complementing high contrast materials such as white
leather and ebony veneer. "
Lauren Brocklehurst, senior design
manager for Constant Aviation, added that
neutrals are always fashionable in the business aircraft market. " Seat design right now
favors a modern, slick, taut-leather look, "
she said. " We also see people looking for
two-toned leather seats and contrast piping or stitching to add visual interest and
distinctiveness. "
Jay Rizzo, vice president of sales for
Constant Aviation, emphasized the importance of making new interiors feel like
home. " Many owners and operators simply
want their aircraft to offer the same aesthetics, comforts and lifestyle amenities as
their homes, " he said. " When people actually
enjoy the experience and sensations of flying, they will return to it again and again. "
For VistaJet, a global private aviation
company, that means providing a f light
experience for customers that is familiar
every time. " The layout of every plane we
operate is exactly the same, " said Nick van
der Meer, the company's chief operations
officer. " No matter where in the world our
customers are, they know exactly what
to expect. "

'no' to something you don't like. But we don't
want them to say, 'I wish I would have.' "
It's also important to remember that
every customer is different. " We have some
customers who really don't care about the
look, and they ask instead for advice on
materials that will last longer to get more

life out of their investment, " said Ross.
" Other customers are much more into the
design aspects. "
As with any design project, added Boyce,
there are key questions to ask, such as
whether the aircraft is Part 91 or 135, how
many hours it will be operated, whether it

Creating the Perfect Design
Working with customers during the design
phase often means giving them an education on the latest trends from factories,
OEMs and other jet owners, said Welch. " We
like to make sure customers understand
what all their options are. It's easy to say



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