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" Multipurpose aircraft interiors will be
the next big thing, " said Brocklehurst. " Most
private aircraft are single-purpose-driven.
They allow a company to have its senior
executives work efficiently while traveling
to a big meeting. Or, they enable a family
to travel together comfortably on vacation. "

trade, " said Welch. " There are a lot of different departments that are involved, from
engineering, upholstering and cabinetry to
quality control and inspectors. Everything
has its own station and it's all purposed. "
Ross adds that new jet owners often underestimate the time it takes to refurbish an aircraft. " Sometimes we get negotiating with a
customer, and they want the aircraft done
right away, but custom textiles and carpets
have a long lead time, " he said. " So, that is part
of our challenge, trying to get the owner to
preplan and have a little bit of patience so we
can get all the elements ordered and in-house
before we start the refurbishments. "
For VistaJet, upgrading the company's
entire fleet in an identical fashion comes
with its own set of challenges. " The most
complicated part of the process for us is to
do the upgrades quickly enough that we can
have this new, branded fleet out there that
has the exact same offering anywhere in
the world, " said van der Meer. " It's not that
often that someone refurbishes 150 aircraft
at once. But we have found the right providers to make sure the downtime, price and
scale of these projects are handled well. "

" The pandemic is changing all of that. Now
they need to be able to accommodate families, yet be flexible enough to use for business meetings and adaptable for a formal
dinner, " she added. " Especially with smaller
aircraft, you need to be creative so you can
meet all of those needs. "

Nothing comes before me getting our parts to our customers,
not even my vacation. When a production line was in danger of
being shut down due to a part with a 10-14 day lead time -
I stepped into action. Calls were placed to the supplier,
negotiations were made, overtime was initiated and build-up
of the part was started. Together with the supplier, we virtually
eliminated the turn-time to a day and the final assembly
and shipment was a success. The production line
never saw a delay. That is what it takes. All day,
every day - nothing but 100% teamwork
and dedication.
Sales Representative
Bill McTyer
Giving every part of ourselves for
what we do daily.

Aviation Parts.
We Live It.
We Love It.
It's Our Passion.

On the Horizon
With technology advancing, design trends
changing and consumer travel preferences
shifting in a post-pandemic world, what
does the future hold?

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