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Aaron Shaw, CEO of
Sydney Seaplanes.

Roei Ganzarski, magniX CEO, said that the company is not only used to working with the kinds of
planes Sydney Seaplanes operates, Cessna Caravans,
but amphibious planes were the first to sport magniX's propulsions systems.
" The first two aircraft we flew, one of which we're
still flying today, one was an amphibious plane, a

" This trilateral partnership means Sydney
Seaplanes will play an integral role in certifying,
adopting and distributing nil emission
aviation services and technology. "
seaplane, in this case it was a deHavilland Beaver, that
we do with Harbour Air, which is similar to Sydney
Seaplanes in Australia, they are a seaplane airline in
Vancouver, British Columbia. The second plane was
a Cessna Caravan. It was land-based, but a Cessna
Caravan, " he said. " We became the only company in
the world to have ever flown all-electric planes of that
size and scale, and do it all electrically both over the
water, on a seaplane, and with a Cessna Caravan. "



Ganzarski said that after these successful flights,
magniX began reaching out to various operators,
one being Sydney Seaplanes, to explain the benefit
of going electric. Alt Air's planes will utilize the same
propulsion system as the prior planes.
" We got together with various operators, one of
them being Sydney Seaplanes, and said, 'Hey, this
may be something that's of interest.' For a few reasons.
One, the operating costs we showed on operating
a Caravan electric versus internal combustion are
significantly lower, so that's very attractive to an
operator. Two, with today's limitations on batteries, because batteries are not where we would like
them to be at, but even with today's limitations on
batteries, you can still get some niche performance,
I'll call it, out of the Caravan or the Beaver. Niche
performance that's good enough for someone like
Harbour Air, " said Ganzarski.
magniX's propulsion system can fly between 100
and 150 miles with today's batteries. For an operator like Sydney Seaplanes that flies less than that
per flight, the cost and environmental benefits are
great. As Ganzarski explained, shorter flights use
more fuel and more emissions are spent as a percentage of the flight. This is because the majority




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