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company will review your platforms and
how well the traditional transactional MRO
model works for your operation.
" We listen to the symptoms they're having, like a physician listens to a patient, "
Maue explained. " As they describe the
issues, we start the dialogue and tell them
there's another way to solve this problem. "
Though it can help match parts availability with repairs, Maue admits the Beyond
Break Fix program is not for everyone.
Maybe the customer has one or two aircraft, or the aircraft are being retired in a
couple years.
" When they have a small fleet, we have to
get creative when structuring the contract
and deciding who owns the inventory, " he
noted. " There are a lot of knobs and dials
we can turn to make the program work.
But sometimes the traditional approach
makes the most sense. If they only need
enough widgets to keep an aircraft in the

air for a couple years, it's not worth the time
and energy to set up a performance-based
contract contract like this. "
For those that qualify, Maue says the
time is ripe for parts sustainment programs.
COVID-19 magnified aviation parts supply
chain challenges and companies learned
the hard way to expect parts delays. With
COVID-19 affecting suppliers, they might
order a part and wait weeks because people
are out sick, or the company is operating
with a smaller staff because business took
a dive.
" You can imagine the problems this
might create, " he said. " They used up the
last of their supply of a part, then placed
an order and found out there was a long
lead time. They might even run out of the
part before new inventory comes in. Our
program eliminates bumps in the road from
supply chain interruptions. "

Ronnie Wendt is the owner of In
Good Company Communications, a
Waukesha, WI-company that specializes
in writing about aviation-related topics.



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