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Klein knows well, most offices on the Hill
have become quite adept at video meetings.
Decoupling engagement from a single trip to
Washington opens a year-long set of opportunities to connect.

Hard Hitting Insight
The Repair Symposium remains the
backbone of the conference experience.
Registrants mark their calendars for both
the keynote address and " Opening Salvo "
conversations with international regulators.
Discussions moderated by ARSA regulatory
experts span an entire morning and provide
a roadmap to the complex international system of regulations and bilateral agreements.
Rounding out the day were industry-focused
sessions on workforce development and
industry business conditions. Symposium
content offers a primer for repair stations
to comply, survive and thrive.
Those who participated in the Annual
Conference got used to hearing me reference
" four continents of engagement. " For those

who weren't there - I hope you'll access the
recordings - the 2021 Opening Salvo included presentations from the U.S. FAA, UK CAA,
EASA, ANAC Brazil, Transport Canada and
the Chinese CAAC. While ARSA has always
enjoyed strong global participation, thanks
to technology, it reached unprecedented levels at in 2021.

Helpful Partnership
Conference week always closes with the
association's annual meeting - a time that
highlights the association's achievements
and solicits input about future activities. A
high-demand global industry provides few
opportunities for the slow pace of personal
connection. Three hours spent together
debating and shaping the association's
world-wide priorities facilitates new initiatives and renewed commitment to tackling
longstanding and new challenges.
This year the last day of production
allowed - with a special guest appearance
by FAA associate administrator for aviation

safety Ali Bahrami - the core of the association's team to speak directly to its mostinvolved members. The day produced some
of the week's best moments, demonstrating
the personal engagement and value of the
people who make the association work.

Making Innovation Live On
The association's innovative approach to its
proven system allows the event to live on
past the livestream. Visit for information about accessing the
event's recordings and content.
When finding alternatives - whether
powering an aircraft or presenting an event
- the end goal is to use new or better technologies efficiently and effectively. The new
way may never replace the old - in-person
is better than livestream for most humans
- but it can, and did, deliver an equivalent
result. Further, it will enhance the traditional
in-person event by ensuring speakers and
attendees from anywhere in the world can

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