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License from Collins Aerospace

MTU Maintenance Zhuhai
and Sichuan Airlines Sign
Narrowbody Engine Agreement
MTU Maintenance and Sichuan Airlines have
strengthened their existing relationship with an engine
MRO contract for the airline's V2500 and CFM56-5B
engines. The agreement covers 259 engines including
spares for a five-year period and services will be carried out at MTU Maintenance's facilities in Zhuhai,
Hannover and Vancouver. Sichuan Airlines operates
119 V2500 and CFM56-5B powered A319, A320 and
A321 aircraft.

MHD-ROCKLAND has entered into an exclusive
licensing agreement with Goodrich Aerospace - a
division of Collins Aerospace. Goodrich Aerospace
manufactures flight control actuators and components for Bombardier's CRJ 100 and 200, as well as
for Fokker F28, F70 and F100 regional jet platforms.
Under this new agreement, MHD-ROCKLAND will
have the exclusive license to repair, overhaul and
manufacture flight control actuator assemblies and
their components. The new division will be called
MHD-ROCKLAND TECH OPS and will operate out
of MHD-ROCKLAND's new facility in Burlington,

Duncan Aviation's Provo Facility Adds
SWAT Services
Duncan Aviation
announced that all three of
its three full-service facilities
located in Lincoln, NE, Battle
Creek, MI and Provo, Utah,
now offer SWAT services.
SWAT stands for: S: Survey
aircraft interiors; W: Write
prompt quotes; A: Artistically
clean, touch-up, dye, correct; T: Transform appearance and functionality.
The goal of the Duncan Aviation SWAT teams is to go through the aircraft
and take care of the small items that are not part of the scheduled service. The reason is aesthetics; small things like touching up paint, spot
dying leather seats and resewing curtain glides quickly give the interior
a facelift. One of the reasons Duncan Aviation developed these services years ago is because SWAT is also synonymous with preventative
maintenance. The company's teams can do a little work to a customer's
well-maintained and well-cared for interiors, making small improvements
by repairing the little nicks, scuffs, scratches and dings and those minor
fixes go a long way to help hold the value of the aircraft.



Lufthansa Technik Develops New
Onboard Patient Transport Units
Lufthansa Technik AG recently began further development of its proven patient transport unit PTE for
the air transport of patients in intensive medical
care. Based on an order placed by the German Armed
Forces in 2020, an initial 26 PTE NG units will be produced over the next two years. The further development for the German Armed Forces is based on the
Patient Transport Unit NG in international service,
of which Lufthansa Technik recently delivered eight
additional units to NATO's Multinational Multi Role
Tanker Transport fleet. One goal of the further development is to make the PTE NG flexibly deployable
on all suitable aircraft types of the German Armed
Forces. To enable it to be used, for example, on both
the Airbus A400M and the future Airbus A321neoLR of
the German Air Force, it will receive all the necessary
military and also civil approvals as both aviation and
medical equipment.



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