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Airbus Beluga XL is Now Fully in Service
Antavia AMETEK MRO received its first wheels and brakes of the Airbus family new cargo plane
as the next-generation Beluga XL begins regular operations. Antavia won a long-term contract
for the delivery of their Beluga XL wheels and brakes MRO services at Antavia's maintenance
facility in Campsas. Under the terms of this agreement, Antavia's wheels and brakes support
covers ultimately six of the highly modified twin-engine A330 aircraft.

Czech Airlines Technics
to Provide Base
Maintenance Services to
Air Corsica Aircraft
Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) has signed
a new Base Maintenance Agreement with
Air Corsica. Based on a successful tender,
two Airbus A320 aircraft will undergo overhauls in the hangar located at Václav Havel
Airport Prague during the first quarter of
2021. The agreement with the French air
carrier includes the performance of complex scheduled base maintenance checks
and repairs based on the manufacturer
and operator guidelines. Specifically, two
narrow-body Airbus A320 aircraft, which
Air Corsica uses mainly on its direct flights
to various destinations across Europe, will
undergo base maintenance in hangar F
located at Prague Airport premises in the
first quarter of 2021. Last year, despite the
COVID-19 pandemics, which has had a
major impact on the entire aviation sector,
Czech Airlines Technics managed to implement and successfully complete more than
70 base maintenance overhauls on Boeing
737, Airbus A320 Family and ATR aircraft.
Finnair, Transavia Airlines, Czech Airlines,
Smartwings and NEOS are among the most
important Czech Airlines Technics clients
in the base maintenance division. In 2020,
a team of CSAT mechanics also worked on
projects for new customers, namely,
Austrian Airlines and clients from both the
government and private sectors.



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