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StandardAero Recognized by Rolls-Royce

West Star Aviation
Authorized for Pro Line
Fusion Installations in
Challenger 604 Aircraft
West Star Aviation has been authorized
to install the Pro Line Fusion system in
Challenger 604 aircraft. As an Authorized
Collins Aerospace Dealer, the upgrade is
available at any of the four full-service
locations - Grand Junction, CO (GJT), East
Alton, IL (ALN), Chattanooga, TN (CHA)
and Perryville, MO (PCD). The Pro Line
Fusion system is a comprehensive avionics upgrade that will keep the Challenger
604 in compliance with both domestic and
international mandates, all while mitigating obsolescence issues with legacy systems. The upgrade greatly increases flight
safety by including both Synthetic Vision
and Graphical Flight Planning. " We look
forward to providing our Challenger 604
customers the very highest aircraft value
with the most comprehensive Avionics
upgrade available. This upgrade and its
options truly puts the 604 fully back into
International conformity, where it was
designed to be, " said Walt Marcy, avionics technical sales manager, West Star
Aviation, Grand Junction.

Panta Holdings Acquires
Fokker Services and
Fokker Techniek
Panta Holdings, a Dutch investment company, expands its Aerospace footprint by
acquiring aviation aftermarket businesses
Fokker Services and Fokker Techniek from
Fokker Technologies/GKN Aerospace.
Under new ownership, the companies will
continue to invest in technology innovations, advanced processes and engineering excellence to play a leading role in the
aerospace aftermarket.

StandardAero was recognized by Rolls-Royce during its annual Fully Integrated
Rolls-Royce Support Team Network Recognition event with the 2021 " Trusted to
Deliver Excellence " award. The program recognizes significant achievements of
service centers that provide MRO services for M250 helicopter engines operated
by thousands of customers worldwide.


You expect your aircraft's finish to be durable
and great looking. Nothing less will do.
You expect it to be protected against punishing
weather, extreme temperatures, corrosion exposure
and aggressive chemical and cleaning materials.
Your plane also needs to reflect and promote your
brand - crisp colors, sharp Distinctness of Image -
whether it's an airline livery, a corporate jet or your own
personal aircraft. You can trust Sherwin-Williams Aerospace
Coatings for an impression that lasts. Year after year.



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