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Paris M. Krula
Capt/GS-12, USAF
Age: 33
Hometown: San Diego,
Alma Mater: Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University,
Bachelor of Science in
Fun fact: Her grandfather
was General MacArthur's
navigator during the
surrender of Japan, flying in
the Bataan during WWII.
Favorite thing about
aviation: Travel and
experiencing future
aircraft platforms and
configurations (i.e. BBJ
Charters, VIP USAF).
U.S. Air Force Captain/GS-12 Paris M. Krula is
the director of operations for the 714th Aircraft
Maintenance Squadron (Reserve), and was recently
selected to " dual hat " for the 605th Aircraft
Maintenance Squadron (Active Duty) at Joint Base
McGuire-Dix-Lakehust in New Jersey.
In this full-time position, Krula is responsible
for the training, health, welfare, morale, mission
effectiveness and proper utilization of 675
active duty, Air Reserve technicians, traditional
Reservists and civilian employees. She oversees
aircraft generation and flight line maintenance for
two military platforms: 20 KC-10 Stratotankers,
Air Mobility Command's advanced tanker/cargo
aircraft designed to provide increased global
mobility for U.S. Armed Forces, as well as seven
KC- 46 Pegasus aircraft, which is the Boeing 7672C
configured to be the world's most advanced
aerial refueler.
To Krula, working in aviation means being surrounded
by likeminded professionals who lead
high risk teams through diverse challenges. What
she enjoys most is witnessing individuals succeed
both personally and professionally. Krula is passionate
about two things: people and planes. " I
specifically love developing humans, removing
barriers for my mechanics in an effort to provide
fully mission capable aircraft to accomplish our
nation's business, " she said.
Early on, she had planned to be an American Sign
Language interpreter - until she had a taste of
flight, then joined a local Women in Aviation chapter.
Prior to joining the Air Force, Krula held civilian
management jobs in aviation. While living in San
Diego, she oversaw ground operations for Virgin
America (KSAN) and later was the assistant airport
manager at Gillespie Field (KSEE).
Krula received her Air Force commission in 2015
at Maxwell AFB and since then has filled several
full-time Reserve assignments. Today she is also
a contractor with Comlux Aviation, managing a
Boeing 777 charter.
Recently she was chosen from the USAF maintenance
officer community to overhaul
Maintenance Officer Intermediate Course and
create the Nuclear, ICBM, and Conventional
Maintenance Officer Intermediate Course, utilizing
competency-based learning at the Air Force
Logistics Officer School, Sheppard Air Force Base,
Wichita Falls, Texas.
Her goals include becoming a squadron commander,
possibly an aide-de-camp for a general
officer; completing her master's degree in Military
Leadership, with long-term goals of continuing
her USAF career though retirement. Following
retirement, she intends to become an executive
for a private aviation company or a legacy airline.
Clayton Long
Aircraft MX Mechanic, Technical Operations for Southwest Airlines
Age: 38
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Alma mater: Embry-Riddle
Someone I look up to in the
industry: I can't pinpoint
someone; I work with a lot of
great guys.
Favorite hobby: Anything
Favorite thing about
aviation: It's rewarding.
When he was growing up, Clayton Long was always
interested in aviation - and with good cause - as
it is in his blood.
" My grandfather was an F4U Corsair air mechanic
during World War II. My dad was an F-4 Phantom
mechanic. And then, after high school, I decided
to join the Marine Corps and became a helicopter
mechanic. I guess it was in the blood and I don't
regret. I just I love everything about it, " he said.
Long's grandfather can be found on the cover of
the May 1968 edition Popular Mechanics flying
the Parker Jeanie's Teenie.
" I had this picture that was passed down generation
to generation of this little, small airplane, but I
didn't know anything about it until he passed away, "
Long said. " Turns out that plane is part of my history,
part of my heritage. "
Growing up in Houston, Long lived only a mile away
from the airport and watched Southwest planes
come in and out each day. Now, Long works as a
mechanic for Southwest Airlines.
" It was a long path to get there, but I'm grateful to
finally be there, " Long said.
One of his favorite things about his work is the
opportunity to learn something new each day.
" What's fun to me is I can learn something new
every day and I can perfect my craft and those
skills transferred to everything. You start looking
at things at the grocery market, around your house
and you can see the connection between progression
of mechanics through the years. Efficiency
and all these designs and efforts that have spawn
from aviation that are gong to continue throughout
generations, " he said.
He added there is a satisfaction from working in
an industry that has tangible results like aviation,
and where his work helps bring people and industries
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