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Age: 35
Hometown: Cape Cod,
Alma mater: American
Military University
Fun fact: I like dairy but it
doesn't like me back.
Someone I look up to in the
industry: CMSgt. Nicholas
My favorite thing about
aviation: The opportunity to
meet different people with
different talents performing
maintenance and applying
what I learn from them to
my own skillset then using
those lessons learned to
teach my teammates and
Roscoe D. Tamondong, MSgt.
Production Superintendent, 305 Maintenance Squadron,
United States Air Force
U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant Roscoe
Tamondong is a production superintendent with
the 305 Maintenance Squadron at Joint Base
McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey. He is part
of a team of seven senior non-commissioned officers
who manage 489 technicians, who perform
maintenance on 20 KC-10, 14 C-17 and 8 KC-46,
aircraft valued at $11.6 billion.
Although Tamondong himself likes working on aircraft,
his job is making sure the technicians are
prepared. He stresses the importance of licensures
and formal education not only for their missions
now but for later, whether they continue in
military or join the civilian sector.
" It is extremely rewarding to help prepare them for
the next chapter in their life and to aid in ensuring
they receive credit for their maintenance experience
by gearing them towards federal certifications
licensures and ratings, " he said.
Tamondong helped develop airframe and powerplant
certification programs through the
Joint Service Aviation Maintenance Technician
Certification Council (JSAMTCC). He and his
teams set up the programs at Ramstein Air Base,
Germany, and Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
and inspired other bases to create their own
Jeffrey W. Turner
Director of Avionics, Jet East - Dallas
Age: 34
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Alma mater: Pittsburgh
Institute of Aeronautics
Someone I look up to in the
industry: Andy Jones
Favorite hobby: Fishing
Favorite thing about
aviation: The leadership of
building the relationships
with people.
Jeffery Turner was unsure of what he wanted to
do with his career post-high school. When the
Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics came to give
a presentation at his school, Turner described it
as life changing.
" Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics did a presentation
at his high school. That changed my life
because I ended up going to Pittsburgh to that
program, " he said.
Turner's aviation career would see him taking turns
in the regional and corporate side of the industry.
Then six and a half years ago, he would get the
opportunity to own his own business.
" I met an individual that was running a small piston
single engine/ multi engine shop at a Medina
Municipal Airport. I ended up asking him if he was
looking to sell his business and it was just very
small. It was two hangars. So we had some conversations
about it and I ended up purchasing it
from him. And then I opened up the repair station
side of the company. It was right around the ADSB
mandate that came out in 2016, which helped get
my foot off the ground, " Turner said.
That business - Modern Avionics and Maintenance
- would grow into a 14,000-square-foot hangar
in Mansfield, Ohio, with a team of six employees.
Under Turner's tenure, the team would be given
three bronze awards from Garmin for their work.
While still a partner of the business, Turner is now
heading to Dallas and Jet East.
" At Jet East, my goal in life is to develop, with
their team, an avionics installation department in
Dallas and also an avionics mobile team that we
can launch out of Dallas. So right now, I'm working
on putting together proposals for the president
of the company and trying to get that underway
here, " he said.
His collaboration with industry partners also paved
the way for military members to become certified
through the National Center for Aircraft Technician
Training Aircraft Electronics Technician Course.
While helping others, Tamondong continues
to further his own education. This past year he
was selected to attend the Air Force's Advanced
Team Chief Crash-Damaged, Disabled Aircraft
Recovery (CDDAR) Course. Upon graduation, he
was nominated to return as active duty's first and
sole instructor for the Joint-Service School.
Medals he has received include: Department
of Defense Meritorius Service Medal, Air Force
Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters
and Air Force Achievement Medal.
Tamondong enlisted into the Air Force in 2007. He
has performed aircraft maintenance during his
entire career in the service. Concurrently, he was
an independent contractor in the civilian sector.
This time included seven years at Empire Aircraft
Services Incorporated (EASI) as a transient alert
maintainer, and at one point, the EASI's director
of aircraft maintenance training at Ramstein Air
Base in Germany.
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