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Embraer and Collins Aerospace Demonstrate
Advanced Ice Protection System
Embraer and Collins Aerospace are collaborating on the development
and testing of an innovative carbon nanotube electro thermal heating
technology (CNT) for ice protection systems that seeks to result in
more efficient and sustainable aircraft. The project recently achieved
a major milestone by initiating a flight test campaign at Embraer's
Gavião Peixoto unit in Brazil.
The new CNT ice protection
system solution was successfully
installed on the vertical
stabilizer and flight tested
in Embraer's fully functional
Phenom 300E prototype, one
of the world's best-selling light
jets for 10 consecutive years.
Collins' CNT heater and ice
protection controller were integrated into the prototype aircraft
before executing over 10 hours of ground and " dry air " flight tests.
The first flight in December 2021 ran successfully, smoothly, and
flawlessly, demonstrating the seamless integration of the CNT heater
technology ice protection system. " This electrothermal CNT technology
is more energy efficient, lighter and uses greener manufacturing
processes than current systems, and we believe it will become the
future standard for ice protection - including those in more electric
aircraft designs, " said Dr. Mauro Atalla, senior vice president of
engineering and technology for Collins Aerospace.
AAR CORP. Announces Implementation of
Airvolution Digital Repair Cycle Management
Tool With Textron Aviation Defense
AAR CORP. announced the implementation of Airvolution - AAR's
customizable, cloud-based, end-to-end repair cycle management
(RCM) tool focused on optimizing the administration of aircraft
component repairs - at Textron Aviation Defense. Airvolution was
designed by AAR to meet the demands and challenges of the aviation
supply chain by enhancing aviation repair teams' management
efficiencies, reducing operational costs, maximizing productivity,
improving component availability, and streamlining supplier performance
management. " Airvolution incorporates AAR's decades
of industry expertise into an easy-to-use SaaS platform, " said Matt
Kammerait, AAR's vice president, Strategy, Planning, and Innovation.
" Textron Aviation Defense is an industry leader with a well-known
track record for innovation. They were a natural fit for our product
launch. " Textron Aviation Defense LLC - a wholly owned subsidiary
of Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. company - will rely on
Airvolution to supplement and modernize current workflows for its
repair orders. Textron Aviation Defense will leverage features such
as straightforward quote processing, enhanced reporting and data
analytics, standardized order management, and comprehensive
repair status communications with end-customers and suppliers.
Airbus and CFM International Collaborate
To Flight Test Open Fan Architecture
Airbus and CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between
GE and Safran Aircraft Engines, are collaborating to flight test
CFM's cutting-edge open fan engine architecture. The Flight Test
Demonstrator aims to mature and accelerate the development of
advanced propulsion technologies, as part of CFM's Revolutionary
Innovation for Sustainable Engine (RISE) demonstration program, on
board an Airbus A380. The flight test campaign will be performed in
the second half of this decade from the Airbus Flight Test facility in
Toulouse, France. Ahead of the A380 test flights, CFM will perform
engine ground tests, along with flight test validation at GE Aviation's
Flight Test Operations center in California. The flight test program
will achieve several objectives that could contribute to future engine
and aircraft efficiency improvements, including: enhanced understanding
of engine/wing integration and aerodynamic performance
as well as propulsive system efficiency gains; validating performance
benefits, including better fuel efficiency that would provide a 20%
(using Jet-A) reduction in CO2 emissions compared to today's most
efficient engines; evaluating acoustic models; and ensuring compatibility
with 100% sustainable aviation fuels.
" New propulsion technologies will play an important role in achieving
aviation's net-zero objectives, along with new aircraft designs
and sustainable energy sources, " said Sabine Klauke, Airbus chief
technical officer.
American Corporate Airport Partners to Build
Widebody Maintenance Facility at FLL
Global Crossing Airlines Group, Inc. announces American Corporate
Airport Partners (ACAP) has inked a long-term ground lease with
Broward County, Florida, to construct a widebody-capable, aircraft
maintenance facility for GlobalX at
Broward County's Fort LauderdaleHollywood
International Airport
(FLL). The estimated $25 million,
10-acre maintenance complex includes a 54,000 sq. ft. hangar.
" At ACAP, we are enthusiastic and grateful to work alongside GlobalX
and Broward County to bring this critical piece of airport infrastructure
to FLL, already a vital cog in the engine that runs an
exciting, vibrant and growing economy in south Florida, " said CEO
Thomas Bosco.
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