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Cirrus Aircraft Expands Duluth Paint and
Finish Facility to Meet Growing Demand
A new Cirrus Aircraft Paint and Finish Facility in Duluth, Minnesota,
became fully operational in July. The development is part of the
company's growth plan as demand for the best-selling SR Series
and Vision Jet continues to increase. The new Paint and Finish
Facility expansion adds 16,000 sq. ft. to the existing center, yielding
a 35% increase in aircraft spray capacity. The entire Duluth Paint
and Finish Facility is now 86,000 sq. ft. Cirrus Aircraft currently
employs 130 team members at its Paint and Finish Facility. With this
expansion, the company plans to hire 50 more people to its campus,
creating more high-tech and skilled careers in Duluth. " We are
proud to expand the Cirrus Paint and Finish Facility at our Duluth
headquarters, " said Zean Nielsen, chief executive officer of Cirrus
Aircraft. " These investments allow us to both meet the increasing
demand for our leading-edge aircraft and create additional jobs in
our local communities. "
Delta Air Lines To Modernize Single-Aisle
Fleet with Up to 130 Boeing 737 MAX Jets
Boeing and Delta Air Lines announced the U.S. carrier will modernize
its single-aisle fleet with the highly efficient 737 MAX to meet demand
as well as its long-term sustainability goals. In a signing ceremony at
the Farnborough International Airshow, the companies said Delta
is ordering 100 737-10 jets - selecting the largest member of the 737
MAX family - with options for an additional 30 airplanes. The 73710
will provide Delta Air Lines with the best per-seat economics of
any single-aisle Boeing model, reducing fuel use and emissions by
20-30 percent compared to the airplanes it replaces. The jet can
cover 99 percent of single-aisle routes around the world, seating up
to 230 passengers with a maximum range of 3,300 nautical miles.
" We are proud that Delta Air Lines, is renewing its single-aisle fleet
with the 737 MAX, the industry's most fuel-efficient family of airplanes, "
said Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial
Airplanes. " Built in our factory in Washington state with support
from key suppliers across the U.S., the 737-10 will provide Delta Air
Lines with the best economics to carry more passengers across its
short and medium-haul routes. " Delta Air Lines has also contracted
with Boeing Global Services for a full interior reconfiguration of 29
Next Generation 737-900ERs in its fleet.
WAI Launches 8th Annual Girls in Aviation Day
On Sept. 24, thousands of girls, ages 8-17, will be able to experience
the 8th Annual Girls in Aviation Day in their communities through
events hosted by Women in Aviation International (WAI) chapters
and corporate members. Already nearly 50 events are planned for
airports, FBOs, museums, hangars across the United States, Canada,
Europe, Africa and Asia. Girls will be introduced to the career and
lifestyle possibilities in aviation and aerospace through meeting
female role models, career panels, exploring airplanes and airports,
and a host of hands-on, fun and educational activities ranging from
a sectional chart scavenger hunt, to exploring the moon and Mars
exploration sites, to learning about aircraft engines and avionics
with maintenance technicians. WAI also will offer virtual resources,
activities, information and instructional videos via the free Aviation
for Girls App.
QTA Delivers 300th Inlet Cowl Upgrade
with Carbon Fiber Inner Barrel
Quiet Technology Aerospace (QTA) delivered its 300th Carbon
Graphite Engine Inlet Cowl featuring QTA's carbon fiber inner barrel
to Jet Edge International, a Bombardier Challenger 300 operator
in Columbus, Ohio. The 300th barrel
is the latest of six pairs of upgraded
inlets installed on the company's
Challenger 300 fleet. The QTA inlet
upgrade permanently solves a recurring
and expensive fleetwide problem
with the aircraft's Honeywell
HTF7000 engines that are plagued
with the issue of inlet cowl inner-barrel
corrosion. The delivery milestone
is a result of QTA's very successful
engineering and manufacturing program.
The Carbon Graphite Engine
Inlet Cowl and its carbon fiber inner
barrel terminates the expensive and time-consuming OEM problem
of aluminum engine inlet cowl inner barrel corrosion and acoustic
screen degradation.
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