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It's good for the industry to come
together again.
The work never stopped during the depths of the pandemic.
If anything, plenty of MROs saw their workload
grow with all the planes grounded.
Getting out to Heli-Expo in Dallas was a breath of
By Joe Petrie,
Editorial Director
fresh air. Getting to see old faces and new is always a
great time. And seeing more than 2,000 people back
together after so much time apart is wonderful to see.
But the most encouraging thing I saw happened just
before I left the show.
As a colleague and I were wrapping up at Heli-Expo,
we spotted Diesel Dave and Heavy D aka, the Diesel Brothers coming into the show
to look at helicopters. Don't know who the Diesel Brothers are? Well, your kids do
and that's what matters.
After checking Instagram, it turns
out they were at the show because
Heavy D purchased a Black Hawk.
My love of all things mechanical
and eventual foray into automotive
maintenance started as a child
watching car shows on weekends and
seeing how things were built. Anyone
with similar interests in my age range
has the same story. YouTube and
Instagram are building these same
passions for today's youth.
According to a 2017 study by New
York Life and Fatherly, sites like
YouTube are among the leading influencers
for children when it comes to
shaping future career goals. It beat out
personal passions, parental influence
and experiences by a longshot.
Aviation maintenance has lacked these kinds of programs. And the ones that
do exist are geared towards their audience of today, not tomorrow. Seeing a hit
YouTube show broach into the aviation maintenance zeitgeist opens an opportunity
for attracting more talented youths to the field.
The A&P talent pipeline isn't going to grow overnight. It's going to take a lot of
hard work and creative thinking to get it flowing again. But finding creative ways
to engage today's youth via non-traditional outlets like these should be on all our
minds going forward.
Diesel Dave was kind enough to take this photo of me for a friend's 10-year-old
son who streams their show every morning while he's getting ready for school. And
now he's asking questions about helicopters.
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Volume 33, No. 3, March/April 2022
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