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Embraer Takes Aim at Air Freight Market - Launches
E190F and E195F Passenger to Freight Conversions
Embraer enters the air freight market with the launch of the E190F and E195F
Passenger to Freight Conversions (P2F). The E-Jets freighters are designed to meet
the demands modern trade. " Perfectly positioned to fill the gap in the freighter
market between turboprops and larger narrow-body jets, our P2F E-Jet conversion
hits the market as the demand for airfreight continues to takeoff, and as
e-commerce and trade in general undergoes a global structural transformation, "
said Arjan Meijer, president and CEO Embraer Commercial Aviation. The
full freighter conversion is available for pre-owned E190 and E195 aircraft, with
entry into service in early 2024. Embraer sees a market for this size of airplane
of approximately 700 aircraft over 20 years. The conversion to freighter will be
performed at Embraer's facilities in Brazil and includes: main deck front cargo
door; cargo handling system; floor reinforcement; Rigid Cargo Barrier - 9G Barrier
with access door; cargo smoke detection sytem, including Class E extinguishers in
upper cargo compartment; Air Management System changes (cooling, pressurization,
etc.); interior removal and provisions for hazardous material transportation.
Embraer Foundation Introduces
Educational Partnership Program
Through its Educational Partnership Program (EPP),
Embraer will implement an industry-focused scholarship
and internship program to inspire and recruit
students into aviation careers. The initiative will be
led by the Embraer Foundation. The Educational
Partnership Program will initially focus on six schools
with aviation training programs. This structured
pilot program provides Embraer the opportunity
to hire entry-level talent and retain a more diverse
workforce, which are key components of Embraer's
environmental, social and governance commitment.
" As one of the leading companies in the aerospace
industry, Embraer is invariably focused on innovation
and education. Education has always been at
the core of our social responsibility initiatives and
our new program reinforces that commitment -
not only to inspiring youth through aviation, but
to developing a high-performing and diverse talent
pipeline, said Monica Newman McCluney, head of
the Embraer Foundation. " It is crucial that we make
social investments that ensure our ability to attract
a diverse workforce. These students are the future
of our industry, and we are honored to provide additional
resources to help them grow and succeed. "
FAA Expands Use of Independent Review Groups When Certifying Aircraft
The FAA continues to make progress in reforming
its aircraft certification processes. The agency
expanded the use of independent groups
of internal and external safety experts for
certification projects such as commercial
aircraft, smaller aircraft and drones. Technical
Advisory Boards (TAB), help the FAA have
a consistent and thorough approach for all
aircraft certification projects. The changes go
beyond a key requirement of the Aircraft Certification,
Safety and Accountability Act. They will also:
* Promote establishing the TAB early
in the certification process.
* Specify different levels of TABs depending
on the project scope and the risks the aircraft
could pose when it enters into service.
During a TAB review, technical specialists, who
are independent of a certification project they are
reviewing, become familiar with the proposed design
or design change, and how it will meet the FAA's
certification regulations. TAB members focus on a
big-picture view of the project. Depending on the
level of review, their responsibilities could include:
Identifying new technologies, designs or design
features that could be catastrophic if they failed.
Determining whether FAA project
specialists reviewed all major issues.
Determining whether similar systems
have caused problems on other aircraft.
Determining whether the proper FAA
offices were involved in the certification process.
* Conducting secondary design reviews
and procedure and training evaluations.
The FAA formed a TAB when recertifying the Boeing
737 MAX and is has one in place for the certification
review of the Boeing 777X. The new TAB approach builds
on recent aircraft certification reforms. These include
delegating fewer responsibilities to manufacturers
and demanding more transparency from them; hiring
additional personnel as FAA increases research on
how over-reliance on automation potentially affects
basic piloting skills; and expanding evaluation of
manufacturers' assumptions about human factors that
equipment manufacturers make when performing system
safety assessments, including pilot response times.


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The Pivotal Work of Preventative Maintenance
Few Pandemic Problems for Paint
Exploring the Helicopter Market Landscape and MRO Ecosystem
EAGLE Stakeholders Seek Solution to Leaded Fuel
Human Factors Interventions that Keep on Giving
FEAM Aero's Growth Mindset
Modular Maintenance Stands for All Aircraft Types
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